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Feb 10, 2010 09:19 AM

Richmond, VA - need great restaurant recommendation for best friend's birthday!

Prefer creative, eclectic, who use and support local growers. LOVE Mamma Zu's, but don't want Italian. Have heard of Bouchon and Balliceaux. Thoughts?

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  1. I have a couple of suggestions. Kuba Kuba is a Richmond favorite for enormous portions of Cuban food and a fun atmosphere. Their paella is heavenly. Croaker's Spot is a fantastic soul food joint with a seafood twist. The food is delicious, the portions are huge, and everything comes with a piece of cornbread the size of a brick. Thai Diner Too serves some of the best Thai food in Richmond; I also love Ginger Thai. I've heard phenomenal things about Millie's and Weezie's, but I never been to either, so I can't really throw in my two cents. That's all I've got at the moment. Good luck!

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      Thanks, Dory. I went to VCU, but that was in the early 70's and things have changed so much. I love Cuban, especially paella.

    2. Mezzanine in Carytown is a wonderful support of local growers, as is Six Burner. Both are delicious and have great cocktails perfect for celebrating a birthday. Acacia MidTown is actually a little higher on my list, but I'm sure about their commitment to local farmers, and I know for a fact that Mezzanine and Six Burner are incredibly supportive. Six Burner hosted a benefit for the Bryd House Farmer's Market that was super.

      1. I also like Mezzanine for local, but I haven't been as impressed with the menu lately. I really like Balliceaux and just went to Bouchon for my birthday. At Bouchon the apps were pretty good entrees were AMAZING, and I didn't love the dessert menu. They do offer a nightly souffle, though, which is neat (on my night it was grand marnier which isn't my fave). Balliceaux has a really good selection that spans meat, seafood and vegetarian on the menu as well as a great cocktail list.

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          Thanks, nyc and princsoreo. I will check out Acacia, as well as Six Burner. I had seen a review of Mezzanine on the Richmond daily paper site. Chapel Hill is so supportive of our local producers and we have about 3 farmers markets for such a small area. If you are ever downt this way and want recommendations, let me know!

          1. re: CuisinArtist

            Mezzanine is IMO the most overrated restaurant in Richmond and Balliceaux is a close second. Six Burner is very good . Acacia can be good, but is VERY inconsistent. You may have a great meal, you may have a great meal and lousy service or you may have a mediocre meal with good or bad service. I have not been to Bouchon but have heard good things about it.

            In Carytown, Bonvenu is new and my husband and I had a great meal there a few weeks ago. It also has a nice atmosphere and is IMO reasonably priced.

            In your position, I'd go with Millie's, especially if you haven't been there. Great (and creative) food, great wine list, good service, fun atmosphere, etc.

            1. re: Janet from Richmond

              maybe true. haven't had enough meals either place to say, but i've had good meals at both acacia and balliceaux and both have birthday party feel to them.

              not in the fan or downtown so it's off people's radar but i've had good meals at eurasia and it does fit the bill.