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Feb 10, 2010 08:51 AM

Great Mexican in Plano

Just wanted to "share the wealth" and highlight a delicious Mexican restaurant in an area with very few options. If in Plano and craving some tacos (or chile relleno as was the case with me yesterday), head to Taqueria El Torito. They don't get any press on here or anywhere else as far as I can tell but it is definitely worthy. Slightly dodgy but not really any more than any other good taqueria, and certainly less so than El Si Hay. In addition to a delicious chile relleno, they also have some other noteworthy options including: caldo con mariscos y pescados (seafood soup) and shrimp cocktail (mexican style). They also have pretty much any meat option for your tacos including "buche" which I have never heard of. The waitress said it was pig stomach but clearly there was something lost in translation so I'm still not entirely sure. Maybe intestines.

Anyways, just wanted to share. It's on 18th st just east of 75 in plano

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  1. Buche is a pig's neck or esophagus. It is very rich and laden with fat. Pronounced 'butchay'. The intestines are called 'tripa'. I think luniz would like 'ojo', or the eyes of a pig.

    1. Could you clarify what you meant by "an area of very few options"? 18th st is also where Aparicio's is located, plus you aren't too far off Downtown Plano.

      1. DallasDude: Thanks for the clarification. To be honest, I doubted you just now and had to look up tripas as I always assumed it was tripe. Good to know it's intestines. And speaking of Ojo, I recently was in Guadalajara and tried very hard to find tacos de ojo (among other oddities) but couldn't find it. I was bummed but still somewhat satisfied from finding tacos de cessas.

        Air: the "area of very few options" comment was specific to mexican food. I don't know many good Mexican places in Plano.

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          Places come and go on K Ave between the shopping center northeast of Parker (around the Fiesta) down to 18th and the downtown area. The taco place & seafood place closed I think, the panaderia is still open (probably). Just cruise around that area if you want to look for places that don't serve primarily gringos.

        2. thanks for the heads up. I drive past that place every day on the way home from work, but have not stopped in. Funny that you say there aren't many options in the area. People at my office complain that there are TOO MANY Mexican restaurants on the east side. There's Tico's Tacos about 25 feet from the taqueria you mentioned, there's a taqueria inside of the Fiesta Mart, inside the Supermacado at 18th and K, a taqueria inside the carniceria at Jupiter and 14, Taqueria La Paloma just south of 18th on K, not to mention tex-mex with Aparicios and El Paso.

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          1. re: planojim

            i'm now officially rescinding my "no good mexican in plano" comment. I wasn't aware of all the options in or near downtown plano

          2. La Paloma on Ave. K has amazing Torta sandwiches-try the Hawaiian with their homemade hot sauces-they also have a drive thru.