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Feb 10, 2010 08:34 AM

Any recommendations for restaurants near GOOD SPORTS in Wall on Rt 138.

We spend many Sundays over the course of the Winter at GOOD SPORTS where our kids play soccer and are always looking for a good place to eat before heading home to Toms River. Always on the lookout for honest good food -- no Italian unless it is spectacular! Kids are older so does not have to be kid friendly. Thanks,

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  1. Head east to Rte. 71 and try St. Steven's Green. Nice Irish pub and restaurant.

    1. There are a few places along 35 that might fit the bill. The Princess Diner was ok the one time we went. There's a chain restaurant - Applebees maybe? - in the strip mall at Allaire and 35. You probably would not be appropriately attired for Scarborough Fair, but it's a good place. At Sea Girt Rd. there are a couple places in the strip mall. There used to be a Mongolian BBQ there, don't know if it still is. And if you take Sea Girt ave into Squan, there are some good pub type places on or near 71.

      1. We usually stop in Belmar for a Boom Burger when we have a later game at Good Sports!

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            Thanks -- I've hear of Boom Burger and will try. Always love an Irish Pub. Thanks for info will try both.

        1. Just met a friend at Rod's in Sea Girt last week. Sorry, but we only met at the bar, so no food. I have eaten there, but it was a long time ago!!

          1. I agree that in the general vicinity of Good Sports there is nothing worth eating. I also agree that heading east is your best bet (into the land of Pizza and Irish Pubs). Finally, I will also endorse Boom as a good spot to go with older kids.

            Here, however, I part ways with the others. If you want to do the Irish thing, why not try Kelly's reubens? A Shore classic just a couple miles away (35 North). St. Stephen's beer selection is great - go there when you don't have the kids - the eats, on the other hand, are typical.

            As to Rod's, unless you're looking to listen to the drunk septaugenarians who apparently live there or watch simulcast horse racing, I see no reason why you'd want to drive the extra miles south.

            I'll throw out two alternatives. First, Kotta Sushi is a new place a few doors from Boom. BYO, clean, friendly, delicious sushi, and other Asian specialties as well.

            Second, Fins on Main Street in Bradley Beach. It's also BYO and serves Mexi-Cali. Think Surf Taco, only better executed.

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              I agree, forget Rod's. The food is not good and the staff acts like you are bothering they when you order and need things during the meal . I love Fratello's just around the corner.really good Italian food.