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Feb 10, 2010 08:28 AM

LA Street Food Fest - dogs allowed?

I haven't seen anything on the board about this event, but I'm planning on going with a friend this weekend. What's everyone's take on it? And actually, my real question is, do you think I could bring a dog with me, since it's outdoors?

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  1. I read that dogs are not allowed.

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    1. re: slowrider

      Slowrider is correct...from their website info.
      "Who: You! Food lovers of all ages are welcome, but due to food/health regulations, no dogs allowed. (Sorry Fido!)."


      the web site for it specifies no dogs allowed

      1. Same rules as a Farmer's Market... Fido stays outside festival borders...


        1. Rule #1 of LA food festivals:

          Never, ever, ever go -- and especially don't PAY to go -- to anything billed as "first annual".

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          1. re: QualityMart

            I love Street Food and have eaten it all over the world. I have to say that while I think Food Trucks are a really fun idea, I find the food lacking. There are only a couple that are worth waiting in line for. Most of them are expensive and the food is uninspired. In a place like Singapore, if you don't have top-notch food, you go out of business. In Thailand or Vietnam, you don't need a cutesy name, you just have quality food. I remember asking somebody in Singapore why all the places were so good. They said that people there will not stand for bad restaurants. Vendors know they have to be at the top of their game in order to survive. I would rather see some "real" Street Food. Like a Bacon Wrapped Hot Dog!

            A word of advice. Just because you thought of a "clever " name, that does not make a good restaurant. I think most of the people who do this have little restaurant experience. They seem like people just trying to jump on a bandwagon. Also, taking any ethnic cuisine and making it a taco, is not always a good idea. Plus, it seems like a lot of these food trucks have really slow service and always run out of ingredients. I remember waiting 20 mins for a Banh Mi at one of the trucks and thought it was very mediocre.