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Feb 10, 2010 08:20 AM

Fresh Pickles?

Help, Costco stopped carrying Carnegie Deli pickles! Does anyone know of a place to get comparable fresh pickles -- I think these are referred to as half sour in the pickle biz? These were the perfect crunch and spice. It sounds like they might have been made by Guss pickles and labeled Carnegie Deli, but I can't seem to find Guss in this area to test the theory.

Please don't say Bubbies or Fleichmanns, these are soft and overly sour in comparison.)

Thanks in advance,

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  1. Goldberg's in Factoria has half sours.
    It's as close to an East Coast pickle I've had over here.

    Although, I might take a look at the I Love NY deli on Roosevelt as well.
    I don't specifically recall them there, but it seems like something they would have.

    1. i love ny deli - formerly the home of superb half sour pickles - has been having severe difficulties in getting regular deliveries of the proper green lovelies BUT has, in their referigerator case, small jars of a brand caled BA-TAMPTE (translates as "the flavor") which are often the bright green you are seeking. this brand is also available in several other supermarkets.

      1. It's hard to get a really good half-sour pickle in Seattle, and it's very hard this time of year, because pickling cucumbers aren't in season, and a proper half-sour pickle is fermented and doesn't keep very long. Even the places you find pickles, like I Love NY Deli, the cucumbers they're made from aren't quite right.

        My only solution has been to make my own in the summer and fall. Happy to share instructions and favorite local suppliers of pickling cukes.

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          They're hard to find anywhere anymore. Even in NYC, pickle stores are a dying breed. My husband orders me pickles from Pickle Guys in NYC for xmas and such but shipping is pricey. But they're super easy to make if you have the cukes--I use this recipe, third post down:

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            Yes, please, share! I've been thinking about making pickles this year. I've made pickled asparagus, green beans, sugar snaps, but never cucumbers!

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              Thanks for offering to share your recipe and instructions for half sour pickles.

              How do I get it?


              \new guy

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                Would you mind sharing your recipe with me? I have several, but never been really happy with them. My cukes are going crazy this year!

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                  The official, no fail recipe is over on the Home Cooking board. Search for "Hashem" and you will find it. Follow the directions exactly.

                  The cukes actually came in about a month ago at the Yakima Fruit Market in Bothell. It's the right kind of Dill that's hard to find. We just made our first batch and they came out perfectly. See the bottom of the official thread for photos in progress.

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                    I use this one from egullet, though I add lots of coriander seed a la The Pickle Guys.

                2. Try some of the "European Delis" in the area... most of them are actually Russian food stores, which is as close as Seattle comes to decent Jewish delis and several, including the one I shop at (International Deli, over by Szechuan Chef at the crossing of 148th and Main St in Bellevue), have good half-sour pickles, pickled tomatoes, pickled apples, homemade sauerkraut as well as deli meat, fish and cheeses.

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                    An off-the wall suggestion, as I've not asked for pickles there, but George's Deli, on Madison, is worth inquiry, as is Bavarian Meats, in the Pike Place Market.

                    Pike Place Market
                    1501 Pike Pl, Seattle, WA 98101

                  2. Just to geek out on terminology: half sour is a fresh pickle, but the term doesn't refer only to freshness. It refers to how long the pickle has been fermenting and thus how sour it has become. After a few days in brine, they're quarter sour. In warm weather, at least in my kitchen, they're half sour after about five days. Full sour takes probably a week or a little more.

                    Damn, I miss pickle-making season!

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                      Thanks for the recipe - I can't wait to try it. Half-sour pickles are the only thing I miss about living on the east coast and I can't even find Ba-Tampte in my local grocery stores. How sad! I'm not paying the pickle guys' prices to have them shipped here...

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                        the Mercer Island Albertsons carries Ba-Tampte pickles

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                          I see Ba-Tempte a lot. I know Ballard Market has them, I think PCC does too. I prefer new pickles rather than half or full sour so I make my own.