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Feb 10, 2010 08:07 AM

Gianna's in Yonkers

Friends of ours have invited us to go to dinner at Gianna's in Yonkers. I didn't find any postings on it, so I was just wondering if anyone has been there and if there is anything noteworthy to order (or to avoid!).


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  1. I went there once, about a year ago, and I thought it was really good. The atmosphere is nice and the service was great. My husband and I split a Caesar Salad which I thought was unremarkable but he liked it. I had a half order of some kind of whole wheat pasta with a vegetable sauce and it was delicious. The pasta was al dente and the portion was generous; I couldn't finish it, My husband had a veal dish which was a ton of food and which he loved. I would definitely go back.

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    1. We had an office Christmas party there a couple of years ago. If memory serves me, there were large portions of mediocre food. The powers that be did not order the pizza but I have heard good things.

      1. I like Giannas - its in a very plain looking, out of the way mall, but the food and general ambiance is good, and its usually quite busy. Pasta dishes are generally good and al dente, and the Pizzas are very good - amongst the best I've tried in westchester... (try the margherita)

        1. We ate here Saturday night with a group of 6. It seemed like a weird location and we could not believe how packed the parking lot was when we arrived. I figured there was no way all of these people were in the restaurant, but they were. However, we were seated promptly. One of our friends knows the manager and the kitchen sent us out a pizza to share. Not sure which one it was (traditional or margharita?), but it was tasty...thin and crispy. We then ordered a ceasar salad, baked clams and fried calamari. Salad and calamari were good, I did not taste the clams.

          I had the rigatoni pomodoro (I think that's that name). It had a tomato sauce with prosciutto and onions. Pasta was al dente, as others have mentioned, and it was a large portion. My husband and a friend had the lobster ravioli and they both seemed to enjoy it. Another in our group had the zuppa di pesce. It was huge and the person who ordered it really liked it. The others had veal parmigiana and a stuffed flounder special. We were all too full for dessert.

          Overall, I thought that the food was good, not great. I kind of liked the atmosphere, though, and I would return. I wouldn't go out of my way for the food (it's about 20 minutes from my house), but I wouldn't hesitate to return if we were going with friends.

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            Went there a few months ago, the food is medicore at best (the chicken dish I had was very dry) the pizza okay. The real turn off was when I asked that they wrap my meal (I figured I could make chicken salad out of the dried chicken for lunch), the server took the dirty plates from the next table and put my plate on top of it. When he came back to my table with my leftovers I told him I changed my mind and didn't want my leftovers after all. Needless to say I will not return.

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              Big bar hangout.....mediocre food

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                The food is better there then any place in the area, the pizza is always good( its the same receipe as the original rays in the city) the place is nice looking and well run. why so many haters?and if your worried about your leftovers stay home and cook