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Feb 10, 2010 07:42 AM

Ottawa: pub/bar showing 2010 Olympics opening ceremony?

Hi Ontario Chowhounds!

I am in Ottawa for a week with a group of colleagues (avg age 30) from Vancouver for a training course. We are hoping to find a pub or bar where we can watch the Olympics opening ceremony on Friday. Also anyplace where we could reserve or walk in as a group of 6 or so would be great. Good food and a good selection of beer would be a bonus.

In terms of food, we have enjoyed:
Khao Thai (nice atmosphere, smaller portions, a bit sweet and one-note for my taste)
Ahora (fun atmosphere, tasty, good portions, a bit slow but then we were a big group)
Pavarazzi pizza delivery (great service on phone)

We are hoping to get to Shawarma Palace and Manx Pub later this week.

Any other not-to-be-missed suggestions?

I notice there aren't a lot of Ottawa posts on this board... Is there a different board or site I should be asking instead?


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  1. Most Ottawa pubs will probably have the opening ceremonies on Friday night. Since the Senators are not playing that night you likely won't have much competition for the TV. Some good places to go are on Elgin Street (The Lieutenants Pump) or in the Market (The Heart and Crown, Grace O'Malley's or any of the other Pubs.) Most probably won't take reservations but will happily welcome you in.

    If you are looking for Shawarma one of the best is Marrosh international Shawarma on Elgin just south of the Manx. If you are looking for late night food after the opening ceremonies or after a night out the Elgin Street Diner is an institution in Ottawa, their selection of Poutine is not to be missed if you like greasy rich cheesy poutine.

    This is the board for Ottawa but due to sheer volume of people and posters there is more about Toronto than anywhere else.