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Feb 10, 2010 07:40 AM

Salem's Grill - Strip District

I just read an article about Salem's Grilll and soon to be open butcher shop on Penn Ave. I drive past this building everyday and am now really excited to start shopping there.
All of there meat is raised locally. No antibiotics or hormones. Finally - one stop shopping for ethically treated animals.

Here is a link to the article:

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  1. I saw the article too and it sounded really good. What's it near? I'm down the strip a few times a week and I can't place Salem's.

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      It is located further away towards Lawrenceville. Probably 30th Street or around there. It is a huge building with it's name on the side - I just noticed it as they were fixing it up and getting ready for business. I drive down Penn Ave to 16th Street every work day but never actually looked to see what cross street it is on.

    2. I had lunch here on Friday, and I can definitely recommend the place. I got a falafel ($5) and it was easily the best I've had in the area. They spit they were shaving chicken from for the gyros looked absolutely fantastic too. It appeared the lamb for the gyros was actual lamb and not not that big processed hunk of meat you find at many places. Prices are great and portions are large.

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        Do they serve any adult beverages? BYOB? Is this really a more lunch-counter type place than a sit down restaurant? thanks

        1. re: MrKotter

          No booze. It is a lunch counter with seat yourself, bus yourself tables. Just the way I like it!

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            I just got their menu at the office - I wish they delivered! I want to try!

            1. re: burghgal

              They deliver within a mile of the Grill. I asked about it and was told that since their profit margin is so low on their food items that delivery makes very little sense. When I suggested charging a couple $ for a delivery fee the idea was countered that if you do that the driver won't get tipped. (Which may be true I guess.)

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                oh that makes sense. it's such a pain to get down to the strip at lunch time.. :(

          2. re: MrKotter

            I'd be very surprised if they even allowed BYOB considering they are also opening a Halal butcher shop and close from 1-2 on Fridays for prayers.

        2. I ordered from Salem's last weekend and was not disappointed. The barbeque chicken is more of a middle-eastern take on BBQ chicken - that is grilled and roasted to the point that it maintains that nice charcoal flavor, but is not too overpowering. The curried chicken is a sweeter curry, but neither is too oily. Salem's uses good parts of chicken for both - I did not find fatty pieces throughout my entire portion. The portions are generous for the inexpensive 5.99 for an entire meal for 3.99 for chicken only. The vegan split pea soup is not to be missed - very middle-eastern flavored split pea, it deliciously different. Staff and service were excellent and helpful. Best of all, all meat is local and humanly butchered.

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            I went for lunch, got a vegetable curry which was delicious and inexpensive. We also had spinach pies, a friend got the lamb curry which he devoured. They also tossed in a piece of baklava which was so rich that 3 of us shared it. Prices are great and the place is squeaky clean.

          2. I've been to Salem's twice now and it is quickly becoming one of my favorite take-out places around. Last night I had the Lamb and Goat Curry which was overflowing the clamshell in which it was served, all for less than $10. The rice was very good but the curry itself was exceptional.

            If you haven't been to Salem's yet you should go soon.