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Feb 10, 2010 06:47 AM

Farmer's market in Houston????

Anyone know where we can find a decent Farmer's market? I live in the Woodlands and don't want to drive out to Alvin, where I hear there is a good one. I'd be willing to drive downtown, but just not way out.

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  1. The only ones I know of are in town. There is one in the Rice University parking lot on Tuesdays from 3:30 - 7:30 ever week. This is a good one. There is also one at Discovery Green DT. I believe it is on Fridays, but check their website. Also, I think there is still a small Saturday market at Monica Pope's t'Afia DT. Might check the restaurant website too.

    1. Froberg Farm near Alvin is a real farmer's market but only a small portion of what they sell is grown on the farm. They do clearly label what is local, though.

      Canino's on Airline Drive just south of the North Loop is not a true farmer's market in the sense that you're buying from the people who grew it, it's an open air produce market and a huge one.

      There used to a list in the Chronicle Dining section or on I think but I can't find them. Other than that DaTulip has covered the ones I know about.

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        A google search will give you a bunch of markets in the loop. However, my experience has been that a lot of them sell very little local produce. Of the ones that I have been to I would recommend the Urban Harvest Farmers' Market (Saturday mornings on Eastside between Richmond and Alabama, as the best, although I have heard good things about the Rice Market as well.

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          Thanks for all the replies... I'm gonna check out one of the Saturday ones tomorrow.

        2. I just got back from the Rice U Market. It's quite good, and gotten better actually. There were at least 4 produce stands with an interesting variety of veggies, farm-rasied chicken, beef, pork, eggs, several stands selling cheese, sauces and seasonings. One woman was selling very healthy meals for two for $10.

          The main reason I comment is that there is now a Saturday version of the same market, from 9 - 2 I believe.

          1. The Urban Harvest market is definitely large and features a great number of vendors. My family was able to survive for a year off only local produce, fruit and animal products from primarily that market, so sacrifices aside, you wouldn't go hungry...

            Most recently, we've also been frequenting the Highland Village Farmers Market ( since they only allow farmers who use organic or sustainable methods of production, which we completely believe in (if this matters to you, you'll have to ask around at Urban Harvest to know whom to buy from and who to avoid - some farmers are conventional).

            We live in a part of the country with year round growing seasons, so get out there and enjoy fresh, real food and meet your farmers in the process!

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              Visit the Urban Harvest website and get on their mailing list. You'll get an e-mail every Thursday or Friday outlining who will be at the market that week, what special things are being offered (tastings from local chefs, etc.) and what new features the organization is making available to everyone. The "Eastside" market is the biggest and busiest of the Saturday venues (not only farm food, but also prepared food, live music, cut flowers, potted plants from the orchid guy, and someone who sharpens knives). You can fill your Saturday morning with the Midtown FM at t'afia (get there early to sign up for a free cooking class with Monica Pope) and I hear good things about (but have not yet visited) the Highland Village FM. I've been to the Tues market at Rice U; it is a smaller version of what you find at the Eastside market, but includes Haak Winery and the Wizard of Pork, Al Marcus (The Grateful Bread), whose bacon and sausage are awesome!!