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Feb 10, 2010 06:41 AM

No Reservations: Hudson Valley

Kind of a mediocre No Res I thought. Some parts were interesting, others were not. Would have liked more footage of Tony and Ruhlman getting after it in the CIA kitchens.

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  1. I think we made posts on this at the same time. I'm from the area and was very disappointed. They didn't capture the essence of the area. A big failure on their part if you ask me.

    I'm assuming you are from CA based on your screen name. Did this episode make you want to travel to the Hudson Valley?

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    1. re: hudsonvalleyfoodblog

      I've been living in CA for 30 years but I grew up in Springfield MA and every summer vacation was a drive to Central N.Y. and back so I'm somewhat familiar with the general area.
      I didn't know that there is a sailing culture along the Hudson River, which I think is interesting and I had never seen, or heard of, that old resort they were doing The Shinning take off on.
      I do like visiting Cooperstown every few years so it's not impossible that I would plan a side excursion based on this episode but I wouldn't base a whole trip around it.
      I did enjoy seeing the growlers of local beer at the backyard BBQ.

    2. i loved that little girl giving him s--t
      but i didn't really get a feel for the valley and that's why i watched

      1. I watched this back to back with the Prague episode, so I couldn't figure out which one was better. Prague had pig and beer, and Hudson Valley had Bill Murray.

        The young girl was annoying, and over the top (did they need to fill space), while the crab boil seemed pretty basic chat. The land looks beautiful, but it didn't create a desire to go. Oh well. Next week - Ecuador.

        1. My husband and I are from the South and have lived in the San Francisco area for the last 25 years. We really loved this show. We now want to visit the Hudson Valley. The show gave us history, interesting food ( we didn't know blue crabs were that far inland) a floating hot dog stand. Fun. The area was stunningly beautiful.

          We agree the little girl was just annoying. Children should be seen not heard.

          Agree the 10 year old was a brat.

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          1. re: Janet

            I'm really glad this show peaked your interest in the area. It's a really interesting part of the country. The Hudson is actually brackish water as far as 60 miles north of NYC. It used to be filled with oysters before pollution destroyed the population. I put together my own concept for the show if you are interested in checking it out.


            1. re: Janet

              Did anyone else want to see him slam her into the tree while
              she was on the swing?

            2. I thought the show was horrible, really a shame too. The scenery was nice, they treated the CIA as a joke. Perhaps 2 smart remarks from the girl would have been "cute" but that was WAY too redundant, pathetic really.
              They really made me believe that the Hudson Valley didn't have much to offer. I will say the food that Bourdain and Murray ate did look quite tasty and the Chef's backyard feast would have been a real treat.

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              1. re: nemis

                X20 did look great I just have a problem with them going to Yonkers as part of the Hudson Valley. I guess technically it could be considered the Hudson Valley but I think you'd be hard pressed to find one Yonkers resident who refers to their area as the Hudson Valley. He should have focused on locations north of Westchester County.