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Feb 10, 2010 06:23 AM

Do good subs exist in Toronto?

A little-known Montreal delicacy is what I call the Montreal style sub: thinly-cut steak (sometimes with pepperoni mixed in), cooked on a flat top with onions and peppers, piled high on a white sub roll with shredded cheese on top, and cooked in a pizza oven until crusty. Finally, shredded iceberg lettuce and a couple of slices of tomatoes are added, with a dash of Italian dressing. Perfection!

Now that you're drooling, can anyone tell me where I can get a decent sub around here?

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  1. Chicago Pizza Kitchen has an Italian Beef sandwich that could qualify as "sub" under your above-described definition.

    1. Good luck -- I have to go back to Connecticut to get my subs (actually, grinders, as they're known there); for the most part, the only subs you can get here are from the chains and are better left undiscussed. BTW, where can I get one of these subs in Montreal?

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        Oh man how I miss and crave the goodness of Franklin Avenue Giant Grinder in Hartford, Connecticut...

        However Belly Buster as mentioned is the best traditional sub I have had in the city. It's nothing like the kind they serve in Montreal. The closest thing to that I can suggest to that particular style is the prime rib sandwhich at Lucky's in Casino Niagra in Niagara Falls. You get a shaved prime rib that's been marinated in au jus overnight, served open faced, smothered in mozz cheese and baked in the oven. It's sort of it's own thing but reminded me of the gooey subs I've had in Montreal.

      2. That sounds good, eatravel. As far as I know, the best sub place is Belly Buster at Yonge and Yonge Blvd (betw. Lawrence and York Mills). For the most part, it's pretty similar to the chains, but what sets it apart is the BACON. Approximately 85% of their subs are served with bacon!! Awesome addition. They have about 4 microwaves, pretty much dedicated to precooking the bacon. It's not what you're looking for, but very good.

        If it's a good steak sandwich you're looking for, the Italian sanwich shops here (California, San Francesco etc.) do a good job, although it's with tomato sauce.

        1. A discussion of where to find these subs in Montreal has been moved to the Quebec board. You can find it here: