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Chinese Takeout in Murray Hill?

I've been told you can't get a decent chinese food outside of Chinatown. Tell me it aint' so. Are there any reliable Chinese takeout place in Murray Hill?

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  1. if you like Szechuan, check out Lan Sheng. they do a good job and are on seamless web too.

    1. for cheap chinese sea king is a decent option. they are on 23rd & 3rd but will deliver. noodles 28 is always an option as well.

      1. Please bear in mind none of the above suggestions are more than decent. This hood is a wasteland for decent Chinese. You are better off with Thai

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          Szechuan Gourmet (arguably the best Chinese restaurant in the city) delivers to Murray Hill. I doubt you'd find better delivery above 14th St.

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              Jaiya is good Thai even if the portions are small.
              Latern delivers as well.

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              I have the exact opposite opinion and think all the thai places in the area are decidedly mediocre.

              Depending where in MH the OP is from, Szechuan Gourmet and Lan Sheng may deliver and both are very good.

              1. If you like Szechuan food, Lan Sheng and Szechuan Gourmet is very good. And while a bit out of the zone, I think Phoenix Garden on 40th Street is probably your best Cantonese bet in the area.

                1. Would Chinese Mirch be an option? its Indian-style chinese food, so perhaps not exactly what you are looking for, and a bit expensive (though not a bad value, just a warning if your price range was guided by typical chinese take-out).

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                    Chinese Mirch is delicious and way better tasting than any of the above options. Although it's really damn spicy. Also I have to admit to eating sea King takeout about once a week (I think it's better than Noodles 28.) I'm a bad, bad 'hound.