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Feb 10, 2010 05:33 AM

Little Q?

Anyone know if Little Q is still slated to open in Chinatown, and if so, what the timing is?

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  1. Not sure when exactly they are opening, but they will indeed be opening in Chinatown.

    1. Anyone have any updates on this?

      1. Reviving this older thread. My dad told me that Little Q is actually slated to open a 2nd location in Chinatown in the near future, at the bottom of the new Archstone building (corner of Beach & Washington). Anyone hear this, or seen anything that looks like this may be happening? The only thing my dad could tell me was that he saw people cleaning the windows to the space, and that he heard this from friends.

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        1. re: kobuta

          It opened for lunch this week. I haven't been to the other Little Q but I always thought they were fairly casual. I could be mistaken.

          This is a an upscale place with a trendy looking bar with exotic drinks and a sushi bar. The owner told us that this was intended as a high end version of his other place. I don't know if that means higher quality ingredients or higher prices or both, more ambitious dishes??

          Attractive space..several large steps up from most CTown places

          1. re: 9lives

            Wow, that was quick! Yes, the Little Q is very casual -- and the type of food doesn't really lend itself to fancier, table-cloth kind of places. I'm still trying to imagine how this would work, upscale but hotpot. Hmm.......

            I was skeptical when my dad said the Archstone building, because I couldn't envision a business like LIttle Q in that type of building, but I guess this explains it. Thanks for the update.

            1. re: kobuta

              I wandered by today to see if Little Q was opening, and it turns out today was the first day that it'd be fully open. We went in to talk to the maitre d, and it was definitely swank. It has a sushi bar in addition to the hot pot tables. Also, it's not "LIttle Q" in this location but "The Q". I'll definitely give it a shot at some point, but will the food be better to justify the higher prices I'm anticipating will come with the nice decor?

          2. re: kobuta

            Went to the Little Q location in Chinatown for lunch yesterday. I have not been to the Arlington (or prior Quincy) branch, so I can't comment on relative quality.

            However, I will say that the Chinatown location was extremely good. Prices are high but not outrageous -- two of us spent ~$40 for two broths, a mixed seafood platter and a lot of veggies and tofu (ordering off the dinner menu). The waitress did say that they have lunch specials which were, I think, one broth plus a choice of meat and mixed veggies for ~$8.50, although they were not on the menu yet. They do still seem to be working out the kinks a bit. The only non-hot pot options on the menu at the moment are sushi.

            The interior is attractive and as 9lives says several big steps up from anywhere else I've been in Chinatown. They also have a bar, a full liquor license with two pages of cocktails on the menu (although we didn't try any at lunch), and a slick looking sushi bar (although can't comment on the quality of the sushi as we didn't have any). I would describe the space more as nicely renovated than particularly upscale -- this is still clearly a casual restaurant, at least for lunch, although I could see it becoming a bit of a trendy place at night, especially with the swank sushi bar.

            It is a bit unusual, perhaps, to combine a very welcoming and attractively renovated space with a cuisine like hot pot that can be a bit confusing for people who have never tried it before and aren't particularly adventurous. But IMO this is a great addition to Chinatown, and I hope they succeed here.

            1. re: greenzebra

              We went last Tuesday and i agree the hotpot was quite good. Much better quality ingredients than Hotpot Buffet. One minor complaint -- the fried tofu is a solid, brick of tofu, rather than the airy puffs you get in other places. Some may like the substance of the brick but I prefer the texture of the puff. Oh well...everything else was good. Lotus root was also chopped too thick (took too long to cook), but the kitchen apparently will cut it thinner if you want.

              The waiter told us they will be adding some Thai food and cooked Chinese dishes. This is apprently more to address those very people greenzebra mentions -- those who have not tried hotpot and are not adventurous. So I doubt those dishes will be very good; they will be there to placate those who are afraid of hotpot. They were really pushing the cocktails and mentioned the pedigree of the bartender, which escapes me... I was happy with my cold Tsingtao and wasn't interested.

              All in all... go for the hotpot!

              1. re: greenzebra

                I went with a group of five recently, and we had a great time. The space is quite attractive, with some very tall tables near the bar, and a variety of booths of different sizes throughout the rest of the restaurant. I was honestly a little worried that it might not be so good, because the upscale decor, location, emphasis on the cocktail bar and the sushi bar, and the non-ethnic waitstaff all are generally not indicative of authenticity. However, the food was every bit as authentic as Little Q in Arlington (or the old location in Quincy), the service was a little confused (they are still in soft opening, and yet they were totally full on a Wednesday night at 8 PM) but extremely nice and accommodating, and the food was excellent.

                We had a "yin-yang" pot with both the mala and black chicken broths, tried beef short rib, lamb, and beef tongue, a variety of vegetables, and truly succulent u-don noodles. They brought out a set of little sauces for the table, which included chopped garlic, hot chili oil, fermented bean paste, chopped cilantro and chopped scallions. We also asked for a little bowl of freshly chopped hot chilies, which they brought right away. The mala broth was hot, the vegetables were fresh, and we had a great time. Prices were not high either.

                My only complaint price-wise was that the fruit smoothies are a little expensive for the portion size provided. On the other hand, they have excellent plum juice (sour plum juice, which is excellent, but a touch of an acquired taste) which is also a great value.

                Overall, a really nice place. And I got a legal parking space only a block and half away. =)

            2. Tonkotsu ramen was very good if a bit bland, topped with generous serving of tender thin-sliced beef shin ($8). The sushi I had was good quality (hamachi belly, salmon belly, otoro, shrimp tempura roll). Comfortable upscale surroundings at not too upscale prices. Very limited sake selection.

                1. re: Tonythe Chef

                  I was there last night, and although the food was delicious, the service was atrocious.

                  We were sitting at one of the big tables in the bar area, and unfortunately, they have 1 (bartender) serving the entire full bar, as well as 4 tables. I felt bad because he was working extremely hard and was extremely busy so I don't fault him at all, but yeah, we ordered the crazy maki which took 45 minutes to come out, but it was delicious! After out sushi, it then took another 40 minutes for our main meal too come out, but boy was it worth the wait!

                  Next we got the angus beef combo with a mala/plain broth. The Mala broth was unbelievably good. I could drink that stuff!! The beef was nice and thin, and the veggies tasted fresh.

                  The bartender/waiter was very apologetic for the slow service and comped us a round of drinks which was very nice and definitely made up for it in my books! I will definitely be going back to this place, but not for a couple months until the work out all the initial opening kinks.