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Feb 10, 2010 05:10 AM

Nice place for Sit-Down Lunch Downtown Montreal?

Any one know such a place?

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  1. What about Decca77 ? La Montée ? Andiamo ? Beaver Hall ? There are tons of places for nice sit-down lunch in the downtown area.

    Any idea what style of cuisine ? prices ? ambience ? is it for a business lunch ? or a foodie lunch ?

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    1. re: Maximilien

      Its a foodie but quick-so yes business lunch. What about that place people go for steak on Peel. Ive never been. With the blue sign...

      1. re: dumpling2

        L'entrecote St-Jean? Bit chewy was what I remembered from my one and only visit.

        1. re: wattacetti

          watta, I like the entrecôte rare so it's tender, but my friends who order it well done find it chewy..... I do love their sauce and also profiterolles.
          Cavalli on Peel is a good lunch choice; don't forget Chez Julien too, that's a dependable one.

          1. re: superbossmom

            i fully disagree with cavalli... overpriced garbage

        2. re: dumpling2

          I like l'entrecote St-Jean, and (or because) I'm not a steak fan. It's how I like my steak: thin bavette, with an ample serving of a good bearnaise sauce, and good small fries. I don't like Steakhouse with huge bone in steak, so that's my disclaimer. Not a great foodies destination, but I like it for the price if in the mood for a steak-frite.

          1. re: sweettoothMTL

            I found even the rare steak chewy. I know it has its fans, but I wouldn't run back there.

            Ferreira would be another place to add to the list.

            1. re: cherylmtl

              Oh, don't get me wrong, I much prefer Ferreira, it's just not the same league, not the same budget at all, but for a business lunch, definitely one of the best options downtown.

      2. not exactly downtown but very close is dna
        i had lunch there today and it was absoutely fabulous. its twenty dollars for a starter and main and a snack to take home. the food was 9.5/10 and the decor was 11/10. I started with the best octupus ive ever had and then had the hunter sausage (the minus .5 was because i found the casings a bit too thick and about 5 percent of the beans it was served on were undercooked). i tried the lamb tartare which was excellent and the boudin which my father loved but i hate boudin. the bread was homemade and delicious.

        1. There's Ariel, the prix fixe lunch menu is affordable... but man, both times I was there, service was excruciatingly slow despite the fact that the place was almost empty.

          If you're on a schedule, I think it would be wise to specify you want to leave at a certain time, otherwise you can easily be there for close to two hours for a two-course prix fixe. Could be fine for a business lunch that involves schmoozing and negotiating, I suppose, but when you have to stick to your office's hours, then you're in for staying later at work! LOL

          1. If you don't mind something more casual... I'm a bit biased towards it, but I like Via Crescent for lunch. Menu hasn't changed in a long time (pastas/salads/sandwiches/pizzas). Plus everyday, they have a few special of the day items(posted on twitter: viacresent). Decent by-the-glass wine selection. Great coffee, and this time of the year : Zeppole! There is a nice buzz at lunchtime.

            1. Try Europea on de la Montagne - an excellent restaurant with a very reasonably-priced lunch menu.