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Feb 10, 2010 05:09 AM

Have you had any white wines from Hungary?

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  1. The question is not ANY white wines, but any DRY white wines . . . I've had lots of Tokaji Azsu, and even some Tokaji Essenzia, over the years. But no dry whites *since* the fall of Communism . . . and before then, they -- well, let's just say they weren't very good, and leave it at that.

    There is no reason why dry whites from Hungary shouldn't be great. It's just "below the radar," and I haven't had a reason to seek them out.


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      ah, but since they are below the radar, to be sure (other than Tokaji), then perhaps there are some very good values...

      1. re: ibstatguy

        With estates like Huet and Vega Sicilia, and companies like AXA . . .

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        Biondivino in San Francisco has carried a bottle or two of dry Hungarian wine that is worth seeking out.

      3. I'm certain i have; I think our local monopoly stocked Hungarian wines for some time now.

        Most of them ordinary, pleasant, not bad, but nothing exceptional, dry and off-dry.

        Me think hungary and a lot of east-european (romania, bulgaria, ... ) countries produced a somewhat large quantity of table wine that was never intended for export and only now that people take notice of an already developed wine culture to make it better (and hope to make money out of it).