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Feb 10, 2010 04:54 AM

Where to eat in Chatham?

Will be in Chatham in a few weeks on a Saturday evening and looking for an early-ish dinner before a "Sanctuary Concert." The choices seem to range from very fancy to ethnic...but what is the tastiest? Thanks!

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  1. I work in Chatham, and trust me--there's no food in that town! The only places that are decent are higher-end dining--at Serenade and Scalini Fedeli. The concerts are held about 2 miles from Chatham's 'downtown' (which is all of about 5 blocks), so I'd suggest you look for something in Madison or Morristown, but Madison will be more convenient for the dash to the concert. Searches for either of those towns on this board will yield results, but here are a few suggestions...

    Nicky's Firehouse--my go-to for thin crust pizza; completely casual (read: families too) pizzeria/rest w/a full menu that includes pastas and other entrees, but it's all about the pizza, imo. BYO wine (there are a couple of liquor stores including Gary's w/in a few blocks)
    David's Rumba Cafe-weird name, but decent Latin fare, very casual.
    54 Main--acceptable but nothing to write home about menu (burgers, salads, sandwiches), where you'll find something for everyone, including a full bar

    Fancier food/decor/$ in Madison--Il Mundo Vecchio, Resto, Shanghai Jazz

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      Thanks so much for your reply -- and to the others who replied, too.

      Are they higher-end places (Serenade and Scalini Fedel) worth it? Staying close to where the concert is would be good as we don't know the area.

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        I have to admit that I haven't been to Serenade or Scalini Fedeli in years...hope others will weigh in on it!
        Fwiw, the main street in Chatham runs right through to Madison, so navigating that shouldn't be difficult. Resto (contemporary French) in Madison gets high marks, from what I've read, and they've just opened their bistro (Rob's Bistro) next door...

    2. If you are looking for a casual spot that's got a pub atmosphere, with reasonable prices and humble offerings....consider Charley's Aunt. I have a friend who lives in town and it's the place he goes to for lunch on his days off from one of Northern New Jersey's top restaurants.. He particularly likes the Reuben and burgers. For dinner, they have steaks, pastas and sea foods available from a review on Yelp..

      Cac Charley's Aunt Chatham
      8 S Passaic Ave, Chatham, NJ 07928

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        True! Charley's has a decent burger (and a full bar)...

      2. If you do decide to eat in Madison, I can recommend the Garlic Rose on Main Street. We had an excellent Sunday night dinner there a couple of months ago. Even if you go early, you might want to make a reservation. We arrived just as the place was opening and within an hour it was full.

        Recently, I've heard good things about Rob's Bistro, also on Main Street. This new restaurant is owned by Robert Ubhaus who also owns Resto right next door.

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          Oops, just noticed that I posted the wrong web site for Rob's.

          Guess not too many people are reading this thread!

          And here's a recent review of Rob's:

        2. I can recommend Rob's Bistro in Madison. I live in Madison and have been there twice now (but had the same thing both times!) The moules frites are fabulous and a big enough serving for two, though offered as a main course. The salads are great, and though I didn't have it, I heard the burger is terrific. I'd avoid the escargot - practically unsalted - and I didn't love their version of tarte tatin. It's also BYOB (as almost all Madison restaurants are.)

          1. Tolima in the Hickory Tree Shopping center is a nice BYO. I've also heard raves about the Brazilian place in the same mall, I think it's called Brasa.