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Feb 10, 2010 04:24 AM

Kendall picks

I am here in Kendall for 2 weeks with my iPod, car and wife for company. We eat pretty much anything. So any recommendation for Cuban, South American, Mexican or Caribbean? Or anything else for that matter.

We ate at El Meson del Paraiso last night based and we were not disappointed in terms of the food, quantities, price and service. A review is beyond my 2 thumb typing technique.

As this appears to be a relatively new board I am happy to see any Kendall recs that are not specific to my OP request, but that may be useful to others.

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  1. Where in Kendall are you staying?

    On Kendall Drive (88th Street) and approximately 97th Avenue you have Havana Harry's for better than average cuban. Their crema de malanga soup is delicious.

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    1. re: jessicam29

      Thank you, Jessica. I am at Shamrock 88/127 so I will give it a try and report back.

    2. Two thumb typing technique?

      I have never been to Kendall. I am sure there are many fine Cuban restaurants. Have fun.

      1. Here a few trustworthy spots in the area:

        Bangkok Bangkok on 125th and Kendall drive for food thai.
        Off the Grill Bistro next door has great wraps, try the chicken pesto wrap w fried yuca balls
        Sports Grill on 146th and 104th st for "special grilled wings"
        Hungry Bear subs off 104th st across from MDCC
        Sonia's Patties on 104th and 108th ave for the best jamaican patties in MIA.
        Sabor a Cafe on 95th and 137th ave for good reasonable colombian
        Chef Adrienne's on 115 SW 147th ave

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        1. re: dmo305

          How could I forget Sports Grill? LOVE their special grilled wings! Also visit their location on Sunset Dr. (72nd St) and 100th ish Ave.

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            Back home now. Thank you for the list. I was not impressed with Bangkok but that may be because we have so many South East Asian restaurants in Toronto, but Off The Grill was good. I also had a meat feast in Graziano's Parrilla Argentina which was good. I don't get to eat red meat a lot so it was a cholesterol pig-out.

            Incidentally OTG had a sign in their window...


          2. If your willing to drive alittle south, Pho Thang vietnamese on sw 160th st is the best vietnamese in the city, hands down

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            1. re: morganeats

              Cosign on that one. It's pretty much the only one that qualifies...

              There used to be a great one on Flagler for about half an hour... hehe.