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Feb 10, 2010 04:10 AM

where to try in Boston.

if you could go to one restaurant this weekend in boston what would it be. We have been to Lespalier, eastern standard, blue room, hammersleys, prezza, we are going to myers and chang on Friday but are looking for something nice for saturday.

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  1. Depends what you're looking for. The list of what you've tried indicates you like creative American and are not on a tight budget, so I'd suggest Craigie on Main or Troquet.

    140 Boylston Street, Boston, MA 02116

    Craigie on Main
    853 Main Street, Cambridge, MA 02139

    1. I am no expert on what the best restaurants are in Boston, but I take it you are a chef. You might search this board and see if there are posts that recommend restaurants to you chefs from out of town. A couple of names of high end restaurants do occur to me but I haven't been to all of them: "Market" at the W Hotel (don't mix up with a different Market that is also in downtown Boston), O Ya (cool sushi place in the Leather District), Toro, Sorrellina, Oleanna in Cambridge, also in Cambridge I really like Upstairs on the Square. Just a few ideas to start with.

      1. Troquet is a great suggestion. I like the wine pours of either 2 or 4oz. Staff is knowledgeable and while the service is wonderful it's not at all pretentious. They also have the dessert area on the first floor which I have yet to try. I have a hard time picking just one place, so I would also suggest 75 Chestnut for a neighborhood feel and their porterhouse pork chop.

        1. I am only going to one restaurant this weekend, and that's Rendezvous.