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Feb 10, 2010 04:09 AM

New Tiffin Locations

Has anyone heard any updates on Tiffin's plans to open in Ardmore and/or Bryn Mawr? The Ardmore location looks like it went back on the market and Bryn Mawr seems a question mark now as well.

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  1. That's too bad. I emailed them a couple of weeks ago and didn't get a response regarding the Ardmore location.

    When I was in the downtown location in December I ran into the owner and asked him when the Ardmore location would open. His only comment was a complaint about Lower Merion Township making it a real hassle and that wasn't something he ran into when opening the other locations. So maybe he just gave up.

    1. We drive by the future location in Wynnewood shopping center daily (is that the Ardmore location you mention?) - but while their logo is on the window, there has been no activity inside in months. Was originally supposed to open in December :-(

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      1. re: rumorsofsurf

        Sorry, yes I meant Wynnewood. There's been absolutely no work done inside at all.

      2. Owner told me that both Wynnewood and Bryn Mawr are still on track, but for spring.

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        1. This was on today.

          "Tiffin's Wynnewood location (50 E. Wynnewood Rd.) is up for March 27 or 28."

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          1. re: Carole

            Yeah I was in the original Tiffin last week and asked the manager what the deal was - he said Wynnewood is on plan for an end of March open

          2. Tiffin's Wynnewood location is now up for April 9, and Bryn Mawr will follow in about two months, says owner Munish Narula.


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            1. re: rumorsofsurf

              Hmmmm.... I walked past the Wynnewood location yesterday and while It's clear that some work has been going on, it doesn't look anywhere near done.

              I'm VERY doubtful about April 9th but would love to be proven wrong, will keep this thread updated either way.

              1. re: AgentRed

                Still not open as of last night but looking much better, I'd give it another week at least

                  1. re: Hungryin theBurbs

                    yeah! i saw the sign outside getting put up yesterday & thought they were getting close. see you at the opening!

                    1. re: rumorsofsurf

                      Did anyone go to the opening? Are they serving those wraps like Tiffin-to-go? What are the hours/prices? Will check it out tomorrow if no one else has been yet,

                      1. re: AgentRed

                        I went to the opening on Saturday (thanks to the tip above). It was really nicely done, with a great buffet that gave us a chance to sample everything from Chicken Tikka to Fried Cauliflower to Wraps. All of the food we tried was great - chicken tikka is my go-to dish and the did it as well as anyone. My wife was blown away by the cauliflower (and when was the last time you were blown away by cauliflower :-) ?) I think today is the true opening day & we'll become regulars quickly!