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Feb 10, 2010 03:43 AM

Chocolate Bread Update

Thought I'd share the results of my recent wild goose chase.

Unfortunately, the Phoenician no longer has a bread stall at the Old Town Farmer's Market. I had a dire craving for their chocolate cherry sourdough bread so I stopped by the hotel and it turns out their baker was recruited away to New York (Bouchon, IIRC?) so no more chocolate cherry bread. Despair set in until I happened by Simply Bread, and they are featuring a chocolate baguette that is *almost* as good as the Phoenician one. It is a limited bread for Valentine's Day, so stock up!

If anyone else has a line on chocolate bread, please share. Or I might just spend a few months perfecting my own recipe...

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  1. The articles when Kershberher left the Phonecian said he was leaving his starter and that they would be continuing to make the breads. I wonder if its just a temporary situation.

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    1. re: avandelay

      My boyfriend and I went to FnB expressly to get some of the cherry chocolate sourdough bread pudding before it was gone for good (it was DELICIOUS by the way, as was the butterscotch pudding). We were told that Ben leaving = no more bread because even if he left the recipe, the "magic" of his touch would be lacking and it just wouldn't be the same. Still, I guess it remains to be seen if they try without him or not. I have a loaf in the freezer just in case. Heh.

      1. re: Bax

        You should put the loaf on Ebay

        1. re: avandelay

          You have your first bidder right here! Didn't know FnB had a choc cherry bread pudding, that sounds goooood.

          The Phoencian maitre'd said they will be continuing 90% of the breads, just not the Choc Cherry:(

    2. YOUR KIDDING ME???? OMGGGGG I love that bread, I speak about it endlessly. I am going to cry now.

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      1. re: drewb123

        Anyone tried replicating the recipe????

          1. re: janeh

            I believe there is a recipe in Nancy Silverton's bread cookbook....I'm not at home now so can't recall it's title.

            1. re: slowens24

              Looks like someone posted the recipe elsewhere on this site:


              1. re: hohokam

                We're firing up the WFO on Tuesday night for I *must* try this with the retained heat on Wednesday! I've only tried the Phoenician's bread once, but it really was remarkable. I'll report back on the recipe (or recipes--I'll probably try more than one to get enough loaves in the oven to get good oven spring). Thanks for the links!

                1. re: modthyrth

                  Oh, wow! Please do report back, or you know, tell us where we can sample the results. ;-)

                  1. re: hohokam

                    If you're anywhere near Gilbert, I'll probably have several loaves worth that I really shouldn't eat all myself. ;-)

                    1. re: modthyrth

                      First attempt done. It's delicious (my 9-month-old pursued it with a zeal unlike any she's displayed for any other food in her little life), but it doesn't quite have the fabulousness of the Phoenecian's bread. I did a normal yeasted bread because my sourdough starter isn't quite ready to go. I'll try again as soon as it's ready, and see how close I can get!

                      1. re: modthyrth

                        Sourdough starter is aliiiiiiive, alive I tell you! And the chocolate cherry sourdough bread is an official success. Yum. Anyone jonesing for the Phoenician's erstwhile bread may officially petition to be my best friend.

                        1. re: modthyrth

                          Ooh!!! Are you going to post the recipe??? Pretty please????? :)

                          1. re: modthyrth

                            Yes, recipe pretty please with chocolate cherries on top;-)

                            1. re: scaheld

                              Based on the recommendation above, and with the help of my fellow WFO bakers and sourdough geniuses over at the Forno Bravo forums, I narrowed in on the Nancy Silverton recipe from the her La Brea bread cookbook. Here's a link to the recipe on Fresh Loaf:


                              I also worked with the Pane Alla Cioccolata recipe posted on chowhound here


                              But added cherries and replaced some of the yeast/flour/water with my sourdough starter. Both were excellent with the slight edge to the Nancy Silverton recipe.

                              Just the plain chocolate cherry bread was excellent, I'll note. But the sourdough does add that extra, elusive something special.

          2. Last time I was at the Old Town market there was a line of 10-15 folks waiting their turn to buy bread. This was early in the morning, only line at the market. The Chocolate Bread will be missed!

            1. I've seen a chocolate bread at Simply Bread's store on 24th St. As I recall, it was a pretty straightforwrard chocolate baquette, as opposed to Baker Ben's awesome chocolate cherry sourdough.

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              1. re: silverbear

                With the addition of Simply Bread to the OTFM line-up, the baguette you mention is now available at the market on Saturdays.

                1. re: azhotdish

                  Good to know. I hope they'll also sell it in the Urban Market, the new indoor portion of the Downtown Phoenix Public Market. Some Simply Bread products are available there, but I don't recall seeing the chocolate bread there yet.

                2. re: silverbear

                  I got my baguette at AJ's on Central yesterday. Got home, spread some nutella on it and thuroughly enjoyed myself! I was nice and shared some with my husband. lol