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Feb 10, 2010 03:36 AM

Kenmore Stand Mixer vs Kitchenaid/Cuisinart

Just noticed Kenmore also has a stand mixer but don't see many reviews on it. Anyone own one? They're in the same price range as the Kitchenaid/Cuisinart, accept kitchenaid attachments and have a 5 year warrenty for about $250. Buying something this week and ohy...the decision is killing me for some unknown reason :)

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  1. I can't speak to the Kenmore since it's one of the few stand mixers that I haven't used/owned. But I can say that I bought a Cuisinart stand mixer about a year ago and I love it to pieces, much more than either of the two KitchenAid mixers I've owned. It's quieter, kneads bread dough better, less stuff sticks to the paddle and dough hook and it does much better mixing small amounts than the KitchenAid. Extra features are a timer and Fold setting for gently folding in ingredients. Also takes attachments which are lower cost than KitchenAid's. So happy I picked it up.

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      I believe Alton Brown has retired his flame-decaled Kitchenaid in favor of a metallic CuisinArt. Saw it in one "Good Eats," anyway. Thought this might just be product placement, but from what you say, it may be a real upgrade.

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        Just bought the Kenmore Elite 5 qt. stand Mixer. Took it out of the box and it is still sitting on the counter. As far as looks goes, it is very nice...all metal, very heavy duty. It was on sale at Sears for $174.99 and right now all stand mixers were an additional 10% off making it $154.00. Good buy so far compared to Kitchenade. Have never used a Cuisinart or Kitchenade but have had several Kenmore small appliances and have always received very good long service from them. For me, price was an issue so I hope this mixer works well. If not, you can bet it will go right back! I looked at both the others but as I said, price was a big factor for me. The Kenmore was $150.00 cheaper than the 4.5 qt Kitchenade mixer, so we'll see. I am baking tomorrow so it won't take me long to decided!

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          thank you....nice to know someone else has replaced their really medicore kitchenaid with a truly terrific machine....everything about the cuisinart is superior....

          1. re: fire island

            Based on your other posts, it appears that your KitchenAid delivered medicore [sic] performance because you didn't have it adjusted properly. That's like claiming that Wusthof knives are crap because you can't be bothered to hone them.

            Seriously, the Cuisinart is probably a great mixer. But the KitchenAid is very good, too - if it's used as intended.

            1. re: alanbarnes

              Operator error?

              My KA gets a real workout grinding meat and has never caused me a single problem.

        2. A little secret about the Kenmore brand... Nothing with the Kenmore label is actually made by Kenmore. It's just Sears's private label housewares brand. Refrigerators come from Whirlpool, LG, and Frigidaire/Electrolux. There is a telling link here. Whirlpool owns the KitchenAid brand. If any other company tried to make a mixer that could use KitchenAid attachments, they would get their butts sued off by Whirlpool. So, the Kenmore stand mixer is almost certainly an Artisan series stand mixer in disguise.

          Now, that five year warranty is tantalizing, especially compared with the 1 year warranty from KitchenAid, but I still think you should go with KitchenAid over Kenmore. The big difference between the two boils down to service. If you get Kenmore, you're automatically stuck going to Sears for repairs. KitchenAid won't touch it. And Sears's repair department is mediocre on a good day. KitchenAid will give you much better service down the line if something goes wrong, even if you have to pay for it.

          Or do what I did and scour eBay for a vintage KitchenAid K5A or K5SS. They were made back when Hobart owned the KitchenAid brand, and the K5 series are basically miniature versions of the very well built Hobart stand mixers found in pretty much every restaurant kitchen in the country. You'll pay about $100 for it, and you'll still likely pass it on to your kids. I have one and the thing is a well-made beast.

          But boy oh boy the Cuisinart stand mixer has been looking awfully tempting lately...

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          1. re: JK Grence the Cosmic Jester

            I saw the cuisinart at bed bath and beyond...felt like a piece of junk, lots of plastic and the top wouldn't stay on on two of them.

            Needless to say the Kenmore came out to $190 after coupon codes, sale and bing cash back(after tax). I'll pay closer to $300 for the kitchenaid equivilient. Haven't actually picked anything up so I haven't been charged yet but the price isn't too shabby.

            btw shipping to kitchenaid after the warrenty is up is quite pricy as well. Eh... who knows.

            1. re: JK Grence the Cosmic Jester

              I have a K5 Pro stand mixer and it is fabulous. It is far and away better than the Artisan line. No, the head doesn't tilt up, but the performance more than makes up for it. I would not trade this stand mixer for much of anything. The only thing it's had a difficult time with was a very dense rye bread recipe.

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                Kitchenaid no longer has a valid patent on the attachment connection so ANYONE can DUPLICATE IT- **LEGALLY**. KitchenAids use of aluminum beaters and dough hooks which after the "burnished"coating wears off is now leaching large amounts of toxic aluminum into food is of concern as is putting plastic parts like the gear housing in professional mixers that claim to be "all metal". Kenmore and kitchenaid both warn not to put the yeast dough up above speed setting 2 as it burns up the motor. There are many cases of the motors burning up and gears breaking at speed 2.

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                  On what grounds would Whirlpool be able to sue a competitor? The attachment hub is a square fitting. This isn't something that could be patented if it were a new product, and on top of that the product itself is much older than 15 years old, so even if it had a patent at one time, it's long expired by now.

                  I'm really quite surprised we don't see third party attachments for kitchen aid mixers. But Bosch and Cuisinart are really the only competitors and they have their own designs. Why? Cause the big profit is in selling attachments. Manufacturers make less by being compatible.

                  I just wish someone would step in and just make attachments rather than making Yet Another Incompatible Mixer Platform.

                  1. re: JK Grence the Cosmic Jester

                    Thank you for confirming what I thought. I didn't about Whirlpool & Kitchen Aid.

                    1. re: Jaslen

                      To add to previous comments, I've actually found a few vendors DO make attachments for the Kitchenaid. Chef's Choice has an all aluminum meat grinder that fits the Kitchen Aid and SmokeHouseChef ( has a stainless steel meat grinder for about the same price as Chef's Choice.

                      Other than the two meat grinders, though, I haven't really found any other 3rd party accessories.

                  2. I just used my new Kenmore 5 qt Elite Mixer and was very, very pleased! It is a little loud but when I compared it to my sister's $389.00 Kitchenade, I saw or rather heard, no difference. This is the first "real" heavy duty stand mixer I've owned and it's great for the price. It was on sale for $174.99 and right now Sear's has their stand mixers an additional 10% off. So I got a killer deal on it. I absolutely LOVE the LED light underneath. It really helps to see inside the bowl while mixing. It comes with 3 and 5 quart heavy stainless bowls and the three main paddles. It also has a 400 watt motor which I like much better than the 325 watt motor that the 5 qt. Kitchenade has. I love it!

                    1. I did a quick research, because I am also shopping for a good deal on my FIRST (and only?) Kitchenaid stand mixer, and it does NOT look like the Cuisinart has the pasta ROLLER attachment. That's a big deal for me, so that would be a deal breaker for the Cuisinart. Does anyone know anything different? It's too bad the attachments aren't interchangeable ;) lol

                      1. The larger Kenmore stand mixers are, to the best of my experience, sturdier and more powerful than the equivalent Cuisinart or KitchenAid mixers. e.g. the Kenmore Major. I also prefer the bowl shape and setup but this is a personal thing. However Kenmore is more expensive and I can't comment on parts and service as the last one I had lasted 25 years without service or parts needs and someone else is using it still.