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Feb 9, 2010 09:19 PM

Sundance gastropub or foodie casual

Going skiing in Utah in 2 weeks and staying just outside of Sundance. We are looking for great food in a semi-casual environment. We like the gastropub feel with creative delicious local food - anyone have any ideas? Suggestions welcome - winebar might be nice too - but not snobby just great food.

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  1. The resort itself has a total of four food service options: The Tree Room for fine (and pricey) dining at dinner the more casual Foundry Grill for BLD & Sunday brunch, the Owl Bar which is more about apres-ski and entertainment than about food, and the Deli for sandwiches and (healthy) snack foods. The nearest city is Provo, which is awash w/ chain resturants. It's also a very Mormon city (Brigham Young Univ is there), so don't expect much in the way of winebars.

    1. Like Claire wrote, the resort restaurants are likely your best bet.

      However, Provo has a few new options that may be close to what you're looking for. They try to source locally and provide a much better level of creative cuisine than Provo has ever seen. I haven't tried any of these yet, but they come highly recommended.

      Communal -
      Spark -
      Pizzeria 712 -

      Aside from that, there are a few decent places I've tried several times in years past, but are different from what you asked about:

      Bombay House - solid Northern Indian -
      Four Seasons - Northern Chinese Dumplings & Hot Pot - (bare bones place; don't care for the hot pot; the dumplings are pretty decent, but you have to order ahead).
      Tucanos - decent Brazilian Grill if you want a meat fest -

      Other than those, it's mostly dry chains, with nothing of note other than the occasional very good but also very divey taqueria.

      In the other direction from Provo, there's Midway and Heber which have a few places that may work for you:

      Tarahumara - - very well regarded Mexican
      Snake Creek Grill -