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Feb 9, 2010 09:15 PM

Culinary Student In Dier Need Of Quality Knife Set

Is there any one out there who could either a. Be willing to sell a nice inexspensive quality set to me? or b. guide me in the right direction as far as where to go?' what to look for ? What is too exspensive? What is a quality knife to a chef already established in the industry other than your mainstream mega manufactured knives such as Westhoff. J.A Henkle etc...?.Please Help. Also any tips on the art of creating sauces?

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  1. So much depends on what you have to spend. Victorionox Fibrox are the standard entry level industry knifes. If funds are tight get one at a time , it's never a good idea to buy sets,, a 8 or 10 inch chef knife a paring knife and you are good to go. Most places will have a bread knife you can use. Other knifes depend on where you want to work and your skill set.

    In fine dining you are going to find mostly knives from japanese companies, which start at higher prices and sky rocket from there. Good entry level brands include Tojiro, Misono... Locally you will find Japanese knifes at Anzen Hardware, Mutual Trading Co. an importer that will usually sell to culinary students. Victorionox are commonly available, but you can always check out Ross cutlery downtown.

    1. In Downtown LA, go to Anzen Hardware and ask for Nori. Discuss your needs with him. Take his advice. He will do you right. I recommend Western style Japanese knives. If you’re serious, you’ll want high carbon steel for a superior edge, but you’ll need to invest in a set of quality stones and learn the fine art of knife sharpening. Masahiro and Takayuki, are fine knives. Nenohi/Nenox are, arguably, the best. Anzen does not carry Nenohi, but Mutual Trading and Korin do. You don't need a Nenohi as a beginning student, unless you've got deep pockets and will settle for nothing less than the best. Then there's the world of custom knives like Shigefusa, Azai and Takeda among many others ... worlds of wonder!

      You may get a kick out of this short clip:

      If you’re unsure of your commitment (to knives, not cooking), take a look at Misono, Mac and Global stainless steel knives. They are all decent.

      Anzen Hardware
      309 E 1st Street
      Los Angeles, CA 90012
      (213) 628-7600

      Also good, but not as knowledgeable, is:

      Mutual Trading Company
      431 Crocker Street
      Los Angeles, CA 90013-2180
      (213) 626-9458

      On the web, for information and consultation, go to:

      Good online suppliers include:

      1. Also a cook needs to know how to take care of there own tools. You need to factor in the cost of a Japanese water stone into your budget. A King combo stone is a fine entry level stone, Learn how to sharpen. There some good videos on youtube (and a lot of bad ones)

        1. This is what we had flying around at one LA kitchen: Misono UX10, Global, Messermeister, Shun Classic, Nenox, MAC, and some Japanese brands that I couldn't identify.

          Until you can sharpen and sharpen well, don't buy anything too expensive ($150 for a chef's is plenty expensive).

          1. Folks, this post was originally posted to the L.A. board and we have moved it to the Cookware board, where cutlery is discussed. Please note that the purpose of this board is NOT to unite buyers and sellers, just to discuss the pros and cons of any given cooking implements, so please no offers to buy or sell to each other here.

            In terms of creating sauces, that would be discussed as a separate topic on the Home Cooking board.