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Feb 9, 2010 08:01 PM

Curryupnow - Indian street food on a taco truck. 4 regular locations in the Bay Area, more to come soon.

My friend works at and recommends Curryupnow - Indian street food on a taco truck. They let me know via Twitter they are getting ready to launch in SF. SoBay is next followed by EastBay. Anyone else try their stuff?

From their website these are they regular locations:

Tuesday & Friday, 11:45a-2:00p: Oracle @ 110 Oracle Parkway at the park opposite the 100 Oracle Building parking Lot..

Wednesday, 11:45a-2:30p @ 5000 Marina Blvd in Brisbane .

Thursday, 11:45a-2:30p Gazillion @ 475 Concar in San Mateo .

Saturday & Sunday-11:30a-4:30p: Burlingame on Howard/Primrose.


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    1. I've visited their truck several times in Burlingame and they offer good, solid fare. They've upped their spice level some (used to be pretty mild) and can increase it even more if requested. I've tried several different items from their menu (burritos, lunch plates, tacos, donuts, roti with coconut milk) and I've never been disappointed with a dish. I especially like their deconstructed samosa, although the last couple times have been incredibly greasy.

      Downside is that it takes a REALLY long time for your order to come out. On a leisurely Sunday afternoon I don't mind waiting thirty minutes for street food but I'm not so sure people in the FiDi trying to grab a quick bite would feel the same. Then again, it seems like they do well in front of Oracle, so maybe it still works.

      1. I have been a couple more times since my previous post...everything has been good, so far the tastiest were a special dal plate and this last Sunday, an earlier-morning Super Sunday breakfast special of omelet and Indian Railways toast. I have not had to wait quite as long as half an hour, but it is not particularly fast because everything is made to order. there was one weekend when they had a burrito express line with premade burritos, but not always. The expertise of the person taking orders can vary, too -- if you get one of the owners they are wonderful -- some of the helpers seem a little confused about what the specials consist of, though they are always polite. At least in Burlingame, it is a fun experience hanging out with the friendly crowds of customers, rather like what I imagine Kogi crowds are like.