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Feb 9, 2010 06:56 PM

Work Dinner for 10-15 in (or near) Bellevue

I need to pick a spot to host a work dinner for 10-15 of us in or very close to Bellevue (Seattle will be too far). Hoping for a good seafood/northwest spot that accommodate a larger crowd (doesn't have to be a private room... although that's a plus). I was looking at Third Floor Fish, but saw that it recently closed. Only other one that has been recommended was Seastar; otherwise, I keep getting pointed to the steakhouses, which aren't my first choice. Any thoughts along these lines? Thanks!

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  1. Did you consider Monsoon East? It serves refined Vietnamese cuisine, with an emphasis on fresh seafood, especially as served in crudo/ceviche preperations. There is also a wine focus, with some excellent local bottles that they are more than happy to pair with the very unique fare. There is a private area that could be available to a group of your size. I've brought people there who are far from adventurous and may have never eaten a bowl of pho but they loved Monsoon nonetheless.

    1. I've done quite a few work dinners at Seastar and folks have always seemed to enjoy it. I try to book there often because I love their king crab legs. I'd say it's your best bet for seafood. Pearl (if its still open) does have a nice private dining room and as I remember the food was fine. Bis on Main, Cafe Juanita, Joey's and Daniel's are also regular places we use. We've just added the new steakhouse in the Bravern (Howie's something?) as well. I've not been impressed with 08 Seafood Grill in the Hyatt.

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        In the Bravern that would be John Howie Steak house. Same guy behind Seastar.

      2. Thanks everyone! I think I'm going to look at either Seastar or John Howie Steak House as a first choice - but all of these recs look great!

        1. For a work dinner, I like McCormick & Schmicks...I believe they have private rooms as well.