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Feb 9, 2010 05:46 PM

South bay dinner - Arcadia or Restaurant James Randall?

So I was able to make last minute dinner plans for the weekend and ended up with restaurant James Randall in Los Gatos and Arcadia in San Jose. Anyone been to either or both of these restaurants and care to weigh in on which I should go to?

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  1. Arcadia seems to get mixed reviews on here. I'm curious

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    1. re: rogerrabit

      hmm, I didn't really notice much feedback about the place

      1. re: nycfan

        My mistake, I was thinking of Alexander's

        1. re: rogerrabit

          I considered Alexanders as well though they are fully booked

      1. How did you end up with those two choices? While I've heard good things about both of them, they are extremely different in style and food. I haven't eaten at RJR, but it's in a homey, little historic house - romantic, but old-fashioned. Why not go to Dio Deka? Comparable prices, terrifc food and atmosphere.

        We ate at Arcadia a few months ago, and the food was fine, but not a single dish knocked our socks off. (At those prices, and given that's it's a Mina resto, at least one should have - I've liked his other restos.) Service was good, but the atmosphere was a bit sterile. Also be aware that the parking can be expensive if you go on a night when there's a big event nearby. However, it's a very convenient location if you're going to said event. Have fun.

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          I too wonder about these two choices, which - while perfectly fine - are not generally considered to be the most distinctive in the South Bay area. Since the original poster gives us nothing to go on in terms of food or location preferences it's hard to know what else to suggest. But assuming that nycfan is indeed from New York City, Dio Deka would also seem sub-optimal considering the infinitely better Greek restaurants there.


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            well I'm staying in the south bay for a few nights and wanted to take my girlfriend out to a nice dinner for vday weekend. I'm very open to suggestions. Dio Deka sounds great, but I recently went to Kokkari, so I'm not in the mood for Greek again. I would have preferred to try Nick's on Main in Los Gatos, but they're also fully booked.

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              Did you try Open table? Of this URL for Saturday, the ones I'd recommend as most romantic would be Alexander's, Left Bank, La Pastaia and Emile's (although I haven't been to the last two in years):