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Feb 9, 2010 05:04 PM

DC Hound looking for special occasion resto with round table

Hi all, I'm coming back up to Boston in June for my parents' 60th wedding anniversary. Need a really great place with a round table that would fit 10-12 adults. Boston, metro north and metro west would be fine. Any new info would be much appreciated. I've been out of the Boston dining scene for almost a year and half. TIA!

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  1. Round table for that many at an upscale venue might be tough. We frequently book the round table for up to 8 at Eastern Standard. Prezza has a rectangular table up front that would accomodate you.

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      L'Andana Grill in Burlington has round tables, but I'm not sure if they're that big. They might be able to put two together in their private room. They're a big room, and could probably work something out.

    2. I recently scrambled to find a table for 10 on a weekend night. We ended up at the Stanhope Grille at the Back Bay hotel. They gave us a private room and terrifc service. The table wasn't round, but still conducive to group conversation.

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        Have also been to small dinner parties at Grill 23 in one of their upstairs, private rooms.

      2. Consider a private event with The Dining Alternative? It would ABSOLUTELY be a special occasion. And, perhaps, a round table could be arranged? Consider contacting Chef Ungar to see about the possibilities. He and his wife are wonderful to speak with.

        And view the pics and reviews on the website while you're there.

        1. There are plenty of amazing options for you if the round table is not a deal breaker.

          1. When it was Excelsior, I organized a large round table dinner for approximately 10. It was perfect. Check to see if Bistro du Midi kept the table. It was semi-private in its own a nook but still in the upstairs main dining room.