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Feb 9, 2010 04:59 PM

Bedford Post Inn - Overpriced and undersized

My husband and I are always looking for new places to have brunch. Finally remembered Bedford Post Inn - The Barn and went for Sunday brunch this past weekend. I was really hoping this place would deliver a great brunch experience as it had received some media attention with Richard Gere as the owner. The Barn is the more casual part of the Inn where brunch is served and the decor is really lovely. There was a real fireplace with a fire in it when I went which was a nice touch. Unfortunately, the food was a letdown.

I ordered two poached eggs with a side of hash browns and bacon. Oh dear, where to begin? The eggs were not properly drained and they were tasteless, even the yolks tasted of nothing. Just a rubbery mess in a pool of water. And the hash browns.. don't you mean country potatoes? Because that's what came out, 10.. count them.. 10 very small cubes of potatoes scattered amongst a plate that looked very empty of food. The Canadian bacon was nice but again, two very small pieces of bacon. What is this, elf food?

My husband fared much worse. He ordered the hamburger which came with no sides/fries, for which they charge $15!?! We paid an extra $6 to have a side of fries. The fries were actually quite decent but the hamburger was distinctly average according to my husband. Tthe portion was even more laughable than my plate. The burger was the size of a hockey puck! I think it was no more than a 4-5oz patty and was finished off in literally 3 bites.

I thought the Bedford Post Inn supported local and organic farmers but it certainly didn't taste like they did. This place was way overpriced and they need to have a serious think about portion sizes. Afterwards, we were still hungry and went to a cafe for a pastry and coffee. I will give them 2 stars though for the house bread and Canadian bacon and the decor.

Did I get unlucky and go on mini-meal day? One last thing, I didn't like the enforced valet parking. I spent more time standing outside freezing while a single poor man ran around this huge parking lot (which was located right next to the restaurant), trying to park one car before he then fetched my car which was sitting 10 feet away from me. Note to Richard Gere - this is not Manhattan and we are normal people requiring normal amounts of food.

Bedford Post - The Barn
954 Old Post Road, Bedford, NY 10506

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  1. have yet to go there myself but have heard others have had the same experiences regarding portion size....have heard that their normal menu in the inn is quite good but again everyone i've talked to has left hungry

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    1. re: sprintS4

      So it wasn't just me! What a shame because if they had served a decent meal at reasonable prices, this is a place I would have gone back to. Instead, I paid $59 and still left hungry so this is definitely off my list .

    2. I can't talk to brunch, but the tasting menu at dinner -- which was very expensive -- had plenty of food.

      I didn't leave hungry, and the portions were no smaller than they were at Blue Hill.

      If the Westchester rage for small plates at outrageous prices has reached breakfast, that is indeed a shame. But it's not specific to Gere, Goncalves is getting rich on people's refusal to get what they pay for.

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      1. re: anonymouse1935

        FYI Goncalves isn't doing so longer has any part of Peniche & is on his way out of 42 if not already

        1. re: sprintS4

          i heard the same thing. sad about peniche-the food was great--even a month ago.

          1. re: cubanat

            yeah was great but their chef de cuisine left back in sept & I saw a huge difference since then....he's now at Barcelona in Greenwich

        2. re: anonymouse1935

          Is Peniche considered a ripoff in terms of what you get?
          I like the ambiance of tapas, but think it's a ripoff.
          You end up ordering 4 plates that are $10/ea on average.
          Yet, I have NEVER ordered a $40 entree!!

            1. re: realitytruthprozac

              Maybe it's better suited for larger groups, but every time I've gone the bill hasn't been more than $50-$60pp, all in. I find it to be a great value.

              1. re: wpfoodie

                ditto here. value indeed except for the last time I was in they had an $18 flatbread pizzette that was tiny for that price. Everything else was fine and as usual super-tasty.