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Feb 9, 2010 04:50 PM

Looking for a great place close to the St. Regis or Rock one for dinner!

We are winging your way from Malibu to celebrate the one year anniversary of the Jimmy Fallon Show. After the show we wanted something special near our hotel or the studio. Any ideas??

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  1. Where exactly is the studio located?

    It would also be helpful to know what cuisine(s) you prefer, whether you want something casual or fancy, and your budget for food only (beverages, 9% tax & 20% tip additional). That said...

    If you want to go upscale, Adour Alain Ducasse is located in the St. Regis. Superb French cuisine, a top-notch wine list, stellar service, and elegant ambiance. (Note: Jackets are not required.)

    Photos of one of our dinners at Adour can be seen here:

    and of another dinner here:

    1. What's your budget? Do you want formal or casual? Dressy or not? How important is a wine list for you? Is there a particular cuisine you want or don't want? What does special mean to you?

      Personally I do not like Adour. I think it is amazingly full of itself and not worth the money.

      1. Atelier by Joel Robuchon at the 4 Seasons.

        1. Seasonal on
          132 West 58th Street
          It did get a New York Michelin star. It seems to be an under-appreciated restaurant.

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              Like to keep it under $150 with wine if possible but would spring for more if worth it.. Jimmy Fallon shots at Rockerfeller Plaza. I am very intrigued with Seasonal and love under-appreciated. Someone told us about Eleven Madison Park and Boathouse, thoughts??

              1. re: MarlaPR

                Do you mean $150 with wine and tax for two people? Or do you mean $150 each?

                1. re: MarlaPR

                  If you want special, EMP is most assuredly that! A 4-star with exquisite cuisine, a superb wine list, stellar service, and an interior space that is gorgeous! The 3-course prix fixe is $88pp (wine, tax & tip additional). There are also a 6-course tasting and an 11-course Gourmand. We are regulars there and recently did the Gourmand.

                  You can see the photos of that meal here:


                  The Boathouse in Central Park has a lovely lakeside view, The food is good but doesn't hold the proverbial candle to EMP or many other restaurants.


                    1. re: MarlaPR

                      I love EMP, but it is not in the neighborhood you requested. Consider Seasonal.

                      1. re: gutsofsteel

                        Well, if she's willing to take a short cab ride to EMP....

                        Of course, I agree completely that Seasonal is an excellent choice.

                        Photos here:


            2. San Pietro, 54th between 5th and Madison would be my choice.

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              1. re: serious

                What would you order? The website looks exciting.

                1. re: MarlaPR

                  I'm letting you down here because I cannot remember what I specifically ordered but was always happy with the food (not inexpensive but budget would depend on the wine.) And I've most frequently had long delicious lunches rather than dinner here.

                  1. re: serious

                    Gottcha, we are starting to think we might do lunch before the show. Thanks!