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Feb 9, 2010 04:02 PM

ISO Late night supper in LA - meaning after 11pm...

Okay 'houndz, I did a search, but I wasn't able to find decent results, so apologies if this topic has been thrashed to death.

I am seeking a nice place for supper after a show at the Ahmanson Theatre on Friday eve.

Forget Patina and Pacific Dining Car -- too pricey (my friend is treating me).

Also, it *doesn't have to be in the vicinity of the theatre* -- we will have one car and I am willing to travel to, say Bev Hills or West Hollywood, for a decent supper. (She will eventually be heading to her home in Glendale via my place in Studio City, if that helps.)

I want to book a table at AOC, or maybe Mozza Pizzeria, but I am unsure what time the show will conclude, also I noticed AOC serve supper until 11pm only on Fri eves... This poses a problem if, say, the show ends around 10.30pm, then we have to get out of the parking lot and get to the venue for supper...

Hence, somewhere that has decent fare, beyond 11pm, would be ideal. Small plates or apps would work.

Decent fare like Lucques, Angelini Osteria, Hatfields ...

I dunno what else is out there that fits the bill! (I haven't been keeping up with the scene...)

Please help! Thanks in advance.

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    1. re: noahbites

      good! I have been thinking of trying this place, so it might fit the bill.

      Thank you!

        1. re: noahbites

          I certainly will. I am also open to other suggestions.

          1. re: Maxmillion

            In case you do want something close and have a "yen" for Izakaya style food then Honda Ya is just about a mile away and open until 1 AM.

            Honda Ya Izakaya
            333 S Alameda St, Los Angeles, CA 90013

            1. re: Servorg

              ooh -- I like the sound of that!

              What about Church and State??

              1850 Industrial St
              Los Angeles, CA 90021

              1. re: Maxmillion

                I don't know how late they serve, Max but you should give them a call and check it out. That would be a good late spot - for sure.

                1. re: Servorg

                  I took a fast gander at their website, and it appears that they don't do Friday night dinner? Can that be right? Seems awfully strange (if true). Let us know what you find out.

                  1. re: Servorg

                    Yep, I'll call them (prob on Friday) and def report back if we end up there.

                    Thanks for the link.

                    Wow -- I just called -- so noisy I had to yell into the phone! -- they are open until 10.30pm on Fri eves. Weird omission on their site, huh? Yelp says they're open until 11pm on Fridays............ hate these early shut-downs.......

                    LA is simply not a city conducive to after-theatre suppers --- grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

                    1. re: Maxmillion

                      If you're trying to get some business from having a website it is more than a little weird to advertise that you are closed on a night when you're open...thanks for reporting back.

    2. Nah, Run over to Ruen Pair (cash only Thai) till 4 am. BYOB.

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      1. re: mc michael

        not a bad suggestion, but Thai late at night doesn't agree with me... thanks, tho!

      2. Magnolia in Hollywood is open late, appropriate priced, and never full too late.

        if you like Dan Tana's, that would be an option in WeHo.

        1. Rivera (on Flower near 11th) is open until 1 am and serves a late night menu until midnight. My husband and I went there after a show at the Nokia a couple of weeks ago and were very pleased. It's not a full menu - more like a selection of tapas-like small plates - but a fun atmosphere and very tasty (not to mention excellent cocktails!)

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          1. re: jaxmom

            Thanks for your suggestions, Emme. To be honest, Magnolia I would do if I was already in H'wood, say, after seeing a movie at the Arclight. Dan Tanas I have yet to try, but have to admit I am seldom in the mood for "red sauce Italian" -- then again, people go for the scene, non? Again, if I found myself at the Troubadour, I could wander next door to Dan Tanas...

            Rivera sounds like a good suggestion - I will investigate.

            Thanks to everyone for their help!!

            I will be sure to report back.

            1. re: Maxmillion

              Nope, Dan Tana's for the best fuckin steak in town, but at 59 bucks a pop it is quite cost-prohibitive.

              1. re: kevin

                Holy Cow !! $59?!! Is it worth it?? Can't you get a great steak at Cut for less than that?!

                Again, paying for the scene, I s'pose...

                1. re: Maxmillion

                  sorry, do have to mention it does come with a crappy side of spaghetti or a very plain pasta that is almost a throw away.

                  interestingly enough when I want a classic NY steak that hits the spot, only Tana's will do. it's a prime slab from Kansas city, their may be a smaller cut on the menu for like ten bucks less.

                  go to and there should be a menu pdf there i believe it's at the bottom right hand corner under carne "Dabney Coleman" steak.

                  1. re: kevin

                    Even Dabney can't afford it anymore (since he hasn't had a movie in a while).

                    1. re: Servorg

                      True and if you ever happen to see his name in a movies title run far. Very far awy

                  2. re: Maxmillion

                    I do believe the Dabney Coleman is worth it. An incredible steak. Great Caesar Salad and garlic bread as well

                    1. re: Tom P

                      That steak rocks the world.
                      True story: About 12 years ago I was at Tana's eating the Dabney Coleman when Dabney Coleman walked in!
                      As he passed my table I stopped him, said hello and told him, "Wow, Dabney, the only thing I can think of that would be more exciting would be if Julius Caesar walked in while I was eating his salad!"
                      Dabeny immediately deadpanned, "You think THAT could possibly be MORE exciting?"

                      1. re: Ciao Bob

                        Funny stuff.

                        My friend told me Dabney always seems to hold court with a bevy of hookers at a neighboring table.

                        Anyhow, nothing on the menu is worth ordering except for that Dabney Coleman steak.

                2. re: Maxmillion

                  There's a Magnolia downtown as well. Per the website, open till 11.

                  1. re: Jack Flash

                    Near the Pantry. Space looks inviting.

                    1. re: mc michael

                      It's in the courtyard of my old office. Definitely a nice space and a good option for OP.

              2. What about the Foundry on Melrose - their site says they are open until 1 am - I would check though.