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Feb 9, 2010 03:28 PM

good 'neighborhood' restaurants for a family

My husband and two boys (both 9) will be traveling to SF for vacation (coming from Minneapolis). We'll be staying near the wharf, with no car and only from T-Fri (bummer, no Ferry building farmer's market.).
We're not interested in fancy, but do want to eat good food! I'm interested in good 'neighborhood type' restaurants. My definition: relatively casual, not too expensive (not that important), would be reasonable with kids, and in the Union square/embarcadero/north beach/fisherman's wharf type area. Italian and seafood would be priorities. I'd also like to do Chinese.
We used to live in the south bay ~10 years ago and my husband fondly remembers an Italian place called Cafe Sport. I can't find it- is there something similar now?
A few places I found from other posts that looked good to me were:
Dotties, Mamas, Tadich Grill, Poc Chuc, Yank Sing, 1550 Hyde
Any suggestions?

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  1. Apologies to Country Joe McDonald, "give me an F." That would be Caffe Sport.

    Caffe Sport
    574 Green St, San Francisco, CA 94133

    1. Tadich Grill is great -- but can get busy. Great Eastern might be good for a "Chinatown" type Chinese meal -- a Dim Sum lunch or a regular dinner. Capps Corner is another family style North Beach Italian that could work for you.

      1. Capp's Corner in North Beach would work - dinners served family style. Yank Sing in the Rincon Annex has a great space should the boys get antsy -- heard they take rezzzies there -- but not cheap!

        1. In North Beach, Ideale (1309 Grant Ave.) for Italian... not fancy, like a neighborhood restaurant in Rome.

          Near Union Square, Cafe Tiramisu (Belden Lane) for Italian... a little nicer than Ideale (more ambiance, decor), but still not fancy, also Roman-style Italian.

          In Chinatown, Hunan Homes (622 Jackson)... again, not fancy, with items that are both more familiar (orange-peel beef) and less so.


          1. Poc Chuc on 16th Street? That's not really in your target area. I say that not to try to dissuade you from going, but just to give you a heads-up in your planning.

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              while it isn't in the OP"s area, it is a very easy ride on BART from Union Square to the 16th Street stop, and then just a walk of a few blocks. It also meets all of the other criteria OP listed, and one of the places I really miss now that I don't live in SF! (was just there a few weeks ago for a great lunch).

              Check for how to get around on public transit.

              1. re: susancinsf

                I agree, it's easily accessible, but it requires a bit more planning than walking a few blocks, and I wouldn't want OP to miss out on it by not anticipating the extra steps needed to get there. That was my only point, not that the trip to the restaurant wasn't worthwhile. It's easy to get to by Bart. From the Wharf area, they could even take the 49 bus the whole way down Van Ness and then down Mission to 16th, but that would be a long bus ride.

                1. re: weem

                  Appreciate the heads up on the location. Were were regular BART riders when we lived in the bay area, so I think we could handle that. My kids go to a Spanish Immersion school and I was excited about exposing them to some authentic mayan/mexican.