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L.A. Convention Center for Group

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I am looking for a good restaurant no more than 3 blocks walking distance from the L.A. Convention Center. Looking for a unique dining experience with L.A. or So Cal "flavor" that also has a private dining room or banquet for up to 35-40 guests. Thanks for your suggestions.

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  1. Rivera - Modern Latin Cuisine - Your #1 Option within walking distance - The Sangre Room might be the right fit:


    Pictured Blog Report (you can Google for more):


    Yahoo Map:


    1. Rivera is definitely very unique and fantastic,and that private room is perfect. There's also Corkbar, which specializes in California-only wines (perfect for out of towners), and has a good menu. If you're here when it's warm out, the patio is incredibly spacious for a group.

      LA Live has mostly chains, but some are LA originals like Katsuay and whatever Wolfgang Puck has down there now.