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Feb 9, 2010 02:51 PM

beacon hill bistro

going to go saturday possibly, please advise.

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  1. Pretty good steak frites, nice cozy room.

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      1. re: mainecoastchef

        Pretty much. You could do worse, but it's not a place I often think "Gee, I really wanna go to Beacon Hill Bistro!"

    1. Don't get there often, but I find the dining room a little bit stark. My preference is the tiny bar area. Staff is attentive and conversation is easy. For me it's more to fun to order a nice soup /salad and appetizers; just graze through the evening.

      1. I really enjoy brunch there on the weekends, but have never been very impressed with dinner. It is a nice space, service is good, food is ok. Nothing really wrong, but not really special either.

        1. I'll be a little more enthusiastic. I had a very nice dinner there last fall - can't remember what my companions ate, but I had a tagliatelle with duck confit and chanterelles that was very good, although I would have liked a little acidity in the dish to offset all the ducky richness. Excellent pasta. I remember enjoying dessert but I can't recall what it was now. My experience seems to be the opposite of lisa13's above, as I later went for brunch and thought it was fine but not particularly special. Nice atmosphere, very good service. My overall impression was that it's not a WOW restaurant but still a very good one. I'd certainly go back for dinner.