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Feb 9, 2010 02:36 PM

Menu Ideas for Vegetarian Chinese New Year

Last year I made radish cake, nian gao and sticky rice. Any suggestion for items to add to my menu this year would be greatly appreciated?

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  1. Lo han jai (Buddha's delight) is a traditional vegetarian New Year's dish.

    1. We always had Fat Choy for New Year's. Also potatoes and bamboo shoots in brown bean sauce.

      1. Is this for a dinner party or a more casual meal?
        You can always make Buddha's Delight. Here is one recipe:
        I know some kind of noodle dish is traditional. I like this easy vegetable chow mein recipe ( but there are many out there to choose from .
        If your feeling ambitious, you might want to try Chinese Bean Curd Skin Rolls. I been brave enough to attempt this recipe yet.
        I don't know if it is appropriate for New Year's, but I love Barbara Tropp's Pan-Fried Scallion & Chive Bread (Chong Yu Bing) and apparently chives symbolize eternity.
        And for dessert, you can always do almond cookies.

        1. What about making some veggie dumplings? Long-life noodles with vegetables and no meat?


          1. These are great. Thanks. It's just for me and my husband, so it's not going to be a for a big group.