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Feb 9, 2010 02:31 PM

David Burke's or Gibsons?

I am surprising my husband with a birthday trip to Chicago in April. I am planning to go to Alinea for dinner one night and then a steakhouse for the other. Which steakhouse is better, David Burke's or Gibsons? I've heard great things about both.

We are from New York and go to nice dinners weekly. My husband is Argentine and loves meat. He loves the standard steakhouse (like Peter Luger's) but really enjoyed N9NE when he was there last. We are staying at the James Hotel so I wasn't sure if I should save David Burke's for Sunday brunch? Any suggestions?


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  1. May I suggest a slight detour. Go to David Burke's for the sunday brunch.
    For a creative (non slab of meat) steak, with a nuevo latin flair, try Carnivale. A group of 6 ate there last month, two of us had steaks (there are three choices on the menu) and another a pork special that were all terrific.

    You will truly enjoy Alinea, so have some fun the night after and go to carnivale.

    1. I think the steaks at Burke's are every bit as good as at Gibson's, they have a wide variety of choices among their dry-aged meats, and the non-steak menu items are more interesting. The atmosphere of the two is different; Burke's is more of a contemporary type restaurant, somewhat subdued, whereas Gibson's is loud, cramped, bustling, a "see and be seen" type restaurant.

      Burke's at dinner is very different from Burke's at brunch; however, they recently did away with their "American dim sum brunch" in favor of a "bento box brunch" (which I have not yet tried), and their Facebook page says they are going to introduce something soon for weekends, so I don't know what will be what and how that will affect your decision.

      If you decide on Gibson's, it's best to book now, as they fill up well in advance; you can always cancel if you change your mind. Both restaurants accept reservations on

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        bummer on the switch from dim sum brunch, maybe the bento box is better?

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          Thank you for both of your responses! I will definitely look into Carnivale in addition to the other two. I really appreciate your thoughts!

        1. Of the two you mention - Gibsons. At least Gibsons knows how to serve a steak cooked correctly/properly. Fans of David Burke's often rave about the quality of the meat - the uncooked meat. I don't eat uncooked meat, however. Tales of woe about David Burke's ruining a good steak are commonplace. Given the price of the steaks at the top restaurants now, why take a chance at wasting your money. Also, I've found the service at David Burke's to be at a level far below Gibson's.

          David Burke's Primehouse
          616 N Rush Street, Chicago, IL 60611

          1. I vote for David Burke's. As someone mentioned earlier, Gibson's is a place to see and be seen.

            Are the steaks good? yes. Is it a place I would want to be? No.

            Right in the heart of the "Viagra Triangle," patrons are generally middle-life crises with younger women on their arms trying to impress (who?) with how cool and monied they are. Also I find the service there to be a little brisk and patronizing.

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              Another vote for Burke's over Gibsons. Steaks are better and Gibson's is just a mob scene.

              1. re: Chicago Wine Geek

                Agreed, but that being said, the bar scene at Gibsons is most entertaining. I really enjoy a nice manhattan and a shrimp cocktail while watching the sugar daddy's flirting with the gold-diggers. It's just fun!