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Feb 9, 2010 02:19 PM

Why do I crave the foods that I do not have in stock?

Snowbound DC although I can walk to a grocery store so it isn't that dire. We stocked up and have plenty of things on hand but at the moment, I am obsessing about the things that I don't have. Just put the last potatoes in to bake for dinner. Suddenly I *must* make shepards pie which require potatos. Finished the last of the stoneground grits this morning. Can't think of a thing to eat for breakfast tomorrow other than grits, despite having oatmeal, bagels, eggs, bacon, you name it available.

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  1. i think it may have something to do with "pioneer spirit" and testing the mettle of one's pantry. do i have the depth and foresight to be able to weather harsh times with the bounty of what i've put by for my family? can i produce a remarkable meal using only what's on hand? have i forgotten essentials or can i glide seamlessly through days of being unable to pop out to the store?

    having been a rural homemaker for many years it was a matter of pride to be ready for any contingency. now that i'm an urban dweller i still think the same way but in smaller space.

    1. That's funny, I do the same thing. Half the time once I get the particular item I don't even want it anymore. I had a lot of "single mom" years where I couldn't afford much and craved everything but what I had on hand (usually not much!) I taught myself to figure out, was it something sweet I was craving, something salty, something with a given texture...then tried to substitute whatever was closest on hand. That did work often. What a blizzard you had there in DC, looks pretty in pictures but tough to face, I am certain. Hang in there, spring is coming!

      1. yeh I frequently have to remind myself when I have a craving for something that is not in the pantry that I am the main shopper in my house!!

        1. a good time to browse the internet and Chowhound for recipes that might strike your fancy with ingredients you do have! something that makes you go, "oh wait! now *that* sounds good! better even!" maybe you'll forget about the other craving temporarily... or maybe you'll realize you want to make the trek to the store :-) i've had it work both ways...

          1. Know that feeling!!! I had the worst craving for nachos on Sat. during that terrible blizzard - not just nachos but Velveeta nachos, something I never ever ever have on hand. In prep for tonight/tomorrow's storm, I've bought fixing for nachos, and I wager I won't want any. I attribute the crazy to the "grass greener on the other side" syndrome.