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Feb 9, 2010 01:54 PM

Walking distance of Santa Monica & Yale in Santa Monica

It looks like I'll be staying at this location without a car. So I'm interested in eateries within walking distance of that location. All meals, all cuisines, almost all price ranges (will be solo and don't plan to drop $60 on a meal). So far I've identified Amandine Patisserie, Bread and Porridge and Monte Alban. I think Pacific Dining Car may be pushing it price wise.

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  1. You're about 1500 ft northwest of my favorite Santa Monica French treat, Le Petit Café on Colorado. Southeast on Yale and cross the street. It's easier to get to walking because parking is a problem. Nice French/American lunch menu, nice for dinner too, not cheap but not bad. I figure on about $15 for lunch, a tad more if my schedule will allow a glass of wine. Google for the website and a menu.

    1. You could also check out the burgers at the Shack. Wilshire might be pushing it pricewise, but it's very good and the bar menu is cheaper. There's also California Chicken Cafe on Wilshire for a healthy option. On Santa Monica itself, Echigo and Monte Alban aren't that far. I'm a big fan of both. You're also right on the Big Blue Bus line which opens up a lot of options if you don't mind a short bus ride.

      1. I like Snug Harbor on Wilshire. Good breakfast and a trip back in time.

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          Thanks folks. I don't mind riding the bus at all, but it's nice to have places within walking distance too. What's Echigo got?

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            It's warm rice sushi. I really really love their monkfish liver preparation and their blue crab handrolls and they usually have great kumamotos too.

        2. Check out Nook Bistro @ SMB and Barry. Also, Guido's @ SMB and Bundy for old school Italian.

          1. Musha is about a mile walk West on Wilshire and well worth the walk or bus ride for eclectic izakaya-style Japanese pub food.
            BiMi is about a mile walk East on Wilshire and also quite good for tradiational sushi and creative cooked dishes.

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              Wow - do people really walk a mile each way for izakaya? I think I've been living in LA too long, we don't walk. We valet.

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                I was thinking that a mile is about the limit of what I'd consider reasonable walking distance, so Ciao Bob's post fits right in. It's assumed that for typical adults, it takes about 20 minutes to walk a mile.

                1. re: redrover

                  If you want to sample the food at Pacific Dining Car just go for breakfast. You can have a nice breakfast fillet and eggs for about $20 (or even less expensive if you want to do something other than steak and eggs). Not cheap, but it's good.

                  Pacific Dining Car
                  2700 Wilshire Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90403

                  1. re: Servorg

                    The other nice thing about the Pacific Dining Car is that it is open 24 hours a day. Want some good breakfast food at 3:00AM, in a nice, safe, cozy environment, this is the place. Last time I was there was a few months ago. Got off of a red eye and was starving at 5:30AM. Gotta love the PDC in Santa Monica for those times

                  2. re: redrover

                    That's just ten standard city blocks, after all. And twenty minutes is about right if you aren't dawdling. Walking is the best way I know of to acquaint oneself with a new or unfamiliar city, especially if you're in such civilized environs as Santa Monica.

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                      Hey, if you're okay with it, go for it. Like I said, in NYC, it's no big deal to walk everywhere. And when I was 20 years younger, I'd walk the entire city all night long just for kicks. But now, as I live here, I find the walk to be a tad burdensome. But that's just me.

                  3. re: Ciao Bob

                    Musha's on Wilshire at 4th, right? That's a lot closer to 2 miles than it is to 1.