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Feb 9, 2010 01:45 PM

Roast Chicken for Valentine's Day...Don't Forget the Giblets...Need Suggestions.

Going to make my boyfriend some nice roast chicken for Valentine's Day. Haven't roasted a chicken for years. Think I'll use the JOY OF COOKING Turned Chicken recipe...side/side/breast up....a little butter, garlic, lemon zest, rosemary probably.

My fella asked me if I ever cooked giblets...said his Mom used to do that and he misses it. What suggestions (EASY...not too much muss and fuss), would you make for using the giblets? I know the heart and gizzard take longer to cook than the liver...but I wanted to do something that used all of the tasty bits. Might even buy some extras fromthe butcher since he likes them.

Should I just use them in a pan gravy? Can I throw them in the bottom of the roasting pan with some carrots/potatoes/onions...scoop out the veggies, and make gravy. OH...maybe I should mention...I'm not a gravy maker either! Tips here would help!

Or are they just good roasted on their own? My aunt said to boil them...but that sounds kind of blah. Searched boards, but didn't find just a simple approach to using the giblets.

Fire away! I want to keep dinner homey and simple...roast chicken...maybe some roasted veggies in pan or roasted baby potatoes...broccoli...warm biscuits. Like I said...simple.

Thanks greatly...

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  1. You could braise (or confit) the giblets (all except the liver- that could be seasoned with salt and pepper and seared quickly). Then serve it all with garlic toast points and a nice fragrant mustard....maybe some nice pickled onions and chorichons.

    For tips on how to make gravy, this is an excellent thread:

    The best tips I can highlight from the thread are to use homemade stock if possible, include some defatted caramelized bits from the roasting pan. And I don't think this was mentioned, but I always like to perk up a gravy by adding a touch of something acidic at the sauce, lemon juice, maybe a little bit of wine.....

    (If you boyfriend really loves giblets, you may want to search this board for gizzard/liver/chicken heart recipes) and check out this entry from Serious Eats:


    Good luck!

    1. I too LOVE giblets. My wife buys an entire package of gizzards as a special treat for me. She dips them in butter, dusts them with a little flour mixed with S&P and roasts them until they're golden brown. If your boyfriend enjoys them as much as I do you don't have to do anything fancy with them - just cook 'em and serve 'em.

      1. Thanks so much for the suggestions. I ended up making good old fashioned giblet gravy...picked up some extra necks/backs, gizzards, hearts and livers so as to not disappoint my giblet-loving boyfriend. He loved it. He was a happy happy guy.