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Feb 9, 2010 01:34 PM

Pepper Mill Length?

I was about to buy a Peugeot pepper mill but I couldn't decide on the length. They seem to come in every dang size. 3 1/2, 5, 7, 9, 12" I know I should factor in if I store it in the cupboards so that it will fit or leave it outside. It seems trivial to debate the length of a pepper mill but I really can't decide.

I'm curious what length pepper mill you have and why

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  1. Size is for show. The mechanism is what counts. Of course, the very small ones will need refilling sooner, but how old do you want your pepper to be? Choose the one that feels the most comfortable to use.

    1. I would say, 7" is an excellent length for typical household use. It is short enough for storage and long enough for comfortable use. 3.5 inch is a bit too small to use comfortably -- just imagine yourself using one. The width of your hand is more than 3.5 inch. You cannot wrap your hand around it. 12 inch is a bit tall for storage and inconvenience to use in tight space. Imagine yourself wanting to grind a some black pepper in the dutch oven over the stovetop. Well, that 12" thing may start hitting the exhaust fan or this and that.

      1. hold them in you hands, take the one that feels the best.

        remember that you will use your pepper mill in different cooking situation (as some else wrote) if you use it to grind some in a pot on the stove, it's different than doing it at the counter and different than doing it at the table while sitting down eating.