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Feb 9, 2010 12:30 PM

Recommendations near Wade Ave in Raleigh NC

Hi my husband and I will be near Wade Avenue on Friday night and am wondering if there are any must-try restaurants somewhat near there. Thanks!

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  1. Wade Ave is parallel to Hillsborough St. You can try Porter's or Frazier's if you don't want to go too far. You will also be close to Cameron Village and only about 10 mins away from downtown or Glenwood Ave. If you like casual,try the Remedy Diner, if you wanted to go somewhere nicer, Fins. EVOO on Fairview wouldn't be too out of the way either.

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    1. re: waitress

      EVOO closed this past year.

      Porter's and Frazier's are both quite good - there is a bit of road work going on in that area, so be prepared to walk a bit once you have found parking.

      1. re: meatn3

        That's too bad about EVOO! Thanks for the update.

        1. re: meatn3

          Fins is closed and is now a eclectic world street food place called buku. And this is actually the last weekend Fraziers will be open. The Urban Food Group announced that they are closing Fraziers after this weekend and will reopen as a European wine bar in the summer.

          1. re: tthomasb

            jenkies scooby, I'm not so current. LOL!!

            1. re: waitress

              Time to come back for a visit!

      2. Portners could be your best bet for something close by that's decent, but casual. However, if you have a car, downtown Raleigh is only a few minutes away. This opens you up to all of the usual suspects discussed on the board: Sitti, Poole's Diner, Duck and Dumpling, J. Betski's (in Seaboard just north of downtown), Gravy, Jibarra (in an area just west of downtown).