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Feb 9, 2010 12:06 PM

"Gelatina Encapsulada" or fancy Mexican jello with flowers inside...where to find it?

These were all the rage when I spent some time in Mexico City a couple of years ago. It was nowhere to be found in Kansas where I'm originally from, but I recently moved to the DFW area and am hoping I can find it around here somewhere!

They look like these pics - although these examples are a bit more elaborate than usual.

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  1. This is by far a Mexico City thing as you definitely won't find this in Oaxaca!

    Looks interesting though. I would say give Lanny's in Fort Worth, a more high brow Mexican eatery, a call. I don't believe any of the paleterias or even the bakeries around town would have this. Lanny Lancarte (grandson of Joe T Garcia) would be the only one I could think of that would attempt something of this calibre locally. He might welcome the challenge and put it on his menu!

    1. I would think it would be pretty easy to make yourself, if you can't find it locally.

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        This true given the realitvely easy access to agar agar powder. Just curious as to what flavors they might use to pair with a (looks like Hibiscus flower).

        Isn't the pandan flavored coconut milk gelatin dessert similar to this available at most Vietnamese restaurants (Bon Mua and Pho Huong Nam both in Carrollton, which is the closest to Denton for the OP). Not sure of the name of that particular version could be Rau Cau.

        Also not with pretty flowers but a gelatin cake is available at the last vendor in the food court at Saigon Mall in Garland, the northeast corner (Rau Cau). I have included some pictures of the types you might find.

        I am sure you would find more posibilities in the Vietnamese markets than you would the Mexican ones.

        Come to think of it you are probably wanting this for Valentines no?

        I have tried to rack my brain as to how to get realistic looking flowers to set in gelatin without actually using them. Even if you molded the gelatin in a realistic form and tried to paint it realistically using food grade paint it would not turn out. I would say they used real flowers or perhaps fondant?

      2. Ok I'll start with Lanny's, thanks!

        I have thought about trying to make it, but I feel overwhelmed just at the thought... I guess I should specify that that flowers are made with food coloring that is injected into the jello. I've never seen it done so would have no clue how to even start!

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          Oh! That would be a, um...slightly difficult thing to figure out, lol! Good luck!

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            If nothing else, lanny's is an excellent restaurant and you will get a kick out of the visit.

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              this might be a good place to start


              it seems to imply that the "flowers" are made of gelatin

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                Hmm that's cool link with lots of pics. I think there are different techniques out there, I know some of them are made by injecting color with a syringe, at least that's how it was explained to me in Mexico City.
                No, I don't need it by Valentine's day, I just think it's really cool and am hoping there's someplace to get it here since it's definitely nowhere to be found in Kansas City!

            2. Hi, the 3D blue flower gelatin was made by Lourdes Reyes, specialist in 3D gelatin desserts techique. She created her own technique to do the gelatins. you can check her wesite

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                Hi Catalina , finally somebody said that Lourdes Reyes, create her own technique. she develop it
                after one teacher taught her four 3d gelatin flowers, she in others words she is not the creator
                here is the link where she admitted that she learn from another person that taught her in 2004 she admitted it. Don't get confused

              2. Hello wanderingpilgrim and everyone else interested.
                My mom has all the tools and has been making these for years now. just by chance i Google Jello Flowers and saw that people in DFW are looking for them! She lives in Denton. If you or anyone else is interested in these flowers you can email her at or me at