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Feb 9, 2010 11:38 AM

Help! Need Delish Champagne Brunch in NOLA for a pescetarian.

My hubby and I are flying into town on Saturday and staying at Harrah's. We're looking for a great champagne brunch on Saturday or Sunday. I dont need a ton of fish/veggie options, but a couple to choose from would be nice. I'm definitely not looking to wait forever for 3 servings of rubbery eggs under a heat lamp.

We love places with character, spicy cajun food, friendly people, live music, and champagne/bloody mary's if that gives you an idea about our "brunch tastes."


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  1. Sounds like Commander's Palace to me. Make a reservation or you will wait.

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    1. re: texasredtop

      I hear Commander's has 900 Bacchus krewe on Sunday.

      1. re: edible complex

        With it being Mardi Gras weekend it could be tough anyplace.

    2. You won't get into Commander's as you've left it way too late to make reservations but try Mr. B's, Palace Cafe

      1. Luke does a really nice brunch, casual atmosphere, but great food, and a lot to choose from that does not involve eggs. ch

        1. We had brunch at Mr. B's last Sunday and it was fantastic. You cannot go wrong there. It was a festive atmosphere with the Superbowl and I expect it will be the same this week with Mardi Gras. Reservations a must.

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          1. re: wadelit

            had lunch there yesterday. every bar seat was a diner. many were turned away at the door. it was packed; busiest I've seen on a Friday Gras. Luke was crazy busy last night as well.
            this town is hopping!