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Feb 9, 2010 11:37 AM

Pho comparisons - DTW

I had lunch at Que Huong - John R south of 13 mile - Madison Heights today. I have only had Pho at 3 places but the beef version today was rockin'. Deep flavor in the broth. Super crunchy vegetables and now I know to add the soy and sriracha to the broth before adding the veg and all is good. It was $7.95 and it's clear that the money is going into the food because the overhead/ambiance is all family style. The place is tidy but lived in. It was nearly full at 11:30 even though the snow had started.

Two weeks ago I had the short rib pho at Da Nang in Clawson and it was significantly different but good in its own way. The ambiance at Da Nang is very nice (dark woods and very clean) and the prices are a bit higher as expected. I have heard they will soon have a bistro liquor license which will help in the evenings as Main street in Clawson is starting to rock. Noble Fish, Royal Kubo, Black Lotus and Da Nang make a terrific asian quad.

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  1. take the pho challenge.

    Try Pho Hang at 13 and dequinder (my personal fav), and Saigon restaurant at 12 and dequider. both at NW corner. Finally, Thuy Trang at 12.5 and John R across from Big Boy. All, IMHO, better than Que Huong.


    p.s. its Hoisen sauce. Not soy. Cheers!

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      I went to Pho Hang today and realized I had been there before with good results. So, I went on to Little Saigon in the Murray's Auto Center (across from Produce Palace which is a fun place anyway). I had #18 with beef balls and tripe and it was very tasty. With Sriracha and Hoisin I was able to try different hot/sweet styles. I liked that Little Saigon was very clean (both in taste and the property). There is something a bit more "jungle" about Que Hong but overall Little Saigon has moved above them. Thuy Trang next week.

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        Had tripe pho at Thuy Trang on Sunday. Packed and request for extra tripe was welcomed. I think that my personal preference is Little Saigon (note donbui82 addresses above) only for the cleanliness and attention but all were very good. On to BBQ. Thuy Trang is closed on Tues - FYI.