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Very early breakfast in San Diego

I'm driving a friend from Escondido to the airport and will be done at 6 am. Anyplace interesting, swank rather than dive, for me to have breakfast? Thanks.

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  1. Cafe Chloe or Park House are nice.

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      Thanks for the suggestions, but Chloe opens at 7:30, Park not until 8:30. I really want something at 6 or I'll just go home and catch some more sleep.

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        McCormick and Schmick at the Omni Hotel next to Petco has a nice Breakfast Buffet along with menu ordering and they open at 6 AM I do believe

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          I am not really exited about it but Cafe 222 is not bad and we had breakfast there at around 6:30 am after brought visitors to the airport.

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            What's better waiting in traffic?

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              I'm never in San Diego so early. Will I hit bad traffic at 7:30 am?

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                depends on the day.... if weekend, no...

        2. just returned from a weekend trip down there. In gaslamp many people recc Cafe 222 for waffles, Richards in gaslamp for pancakes. The Cheese shop for any other breakfast items :) enjoy!

          1. Flight is even earlier, so guess I'll just drive home and go back to bed. Thanks for the ideas.

            1. love love love the Waterfront for breakfast and a bloody..
              MaryJane's at the Hard Rock Gaslamp has a pretty good breakfast too.


              1. What about The Mission in downtown? I think they open early. Sort of a bohemian swank.

                1. I love the Hob Nob. They have an interesting selection of breakfasts. They serve very nicely and most of the orders come with a slice of coffee cake. It is not a dive and they serve with table linen and cloth napkins. You can have everything from oatmeal to roast beef hash of fish and eggs. Everything is truly good.

                  Hob Nob Hill

                  2271 1st Avenue
                  San Diego, CA 92101-2001
                  (619) 239-8176

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                    I tried Hob Nob today. Had the chorizo omlette (special) and the blueberry pancakes, with coffee and hot chocolate (for my boy). Breakfast was barely pedestrian. Omlette used American cheese, and the "chorizo" was really lightly seasoned ground beef. The "blueberry" pancakes were pancakes covered in a purple goop that may have had a blueberry or two in it. The flavour was deeply disappointing. I have to say, the service was exemplary, but the food wasn't that different from an IHOP. I would not return.

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                      I'm surprised your review was that good, a waste of time and $$.

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                        Agreed. Service awesome, food not. Very old school.

                  2. I was about to comment when I noticed the original post and most of the comments already posted are from February 2010. I'm guessing that escondido123 has already dropped his friend off at the airport. Nevertheless, it's never too late to throw a brickbat at Hob Nob Hill. It is truly frozen in time (and not in a good way).

                    In any case, a swank breakfast outside one of the upscale hotels is hard to find at anytime; to find at 6:00am nearly impossible. It's pedestrian Perry's for me at that time of day.

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                      Yes. FN has already pointed out the time shift.

                      I always say that attention to little details, such as what year someone's airplane is going to depart, is the key to success.