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Feb 9, 2010 11:12 AM

looking for kebab -e-koobideh

A Persian/iranian kebab made with minced beef/chicken/lamb.
Had it at Al-taib on demaisonneuve/guy

Looking for a store that sells the marinated skewers version to cook at home.
Adonis does not have them. (Al-taib sells 5 skewers for $20) :-<

I want to know what rice they are serving ( its not basmati)

The recipes I've seen on the Web look promising and really simple, and when tried at home, did not produce the store version results.

Your feedback/help/comments greatly appreciated.

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  1. Have you tried Akhavan's butcher counter for the meat? It's owned by an Iranian family, and if anyone is going to carry it I'd guess it would be them. Might not be on skewers, but they do sell skewers separately.

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    1. re: kpzoo

      They do carry it; I would advise to call first as I've been disappointed on my last visit, looking for koobideh as well (I ended up taking kafta).
      Their take-out counter has great grilled meats and saffron rice, among other things.

    2. Al-Taib is run by Arabs (as is Chateau Kabab). It isn't real Persian cuisine. Try Tehran near Vendome.

      2665 Rue D'annemasse, Boisbriand, QC J7H0A5, CA

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        Does Tehran sell "marinated skewers version to cook at home"? I only know them as an eat-in restaurant, but I haven't been there in a while. Do they sell raw meat now? Thx!

      2. As for the rice, the one Al-Taib use isn't Basmati but they get it wrong. The closest thing to Iranian rice here is Basmati but it really takes some skill (I'm serious, don't laugh). Iranians are very picky about their rice (we find it troubling that to most other people it's "just rice"), the grains should never stick together. A rice cooker is a big no-no. There should be plenty of Saffron.

        But if ever you wanna try making it again definitely squeeze ;), I assure you it's what makes the difference. And don't chop your onions, definitely blend, it's essential to release some of the juices.

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        1. re: polymatheus

          thank you polymatheus
          I did notice that the rice served at Al-taib is cooked in he rice cooker, it is quite fluffy though (perhaps the addition of oil makes it stay separated...)

          They did tell me it was basmati- although i was skeptical, and you confirmed that it was not.
          care to share a brand name of the rice, that I may be able to pick up.