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Looking for Pepsi "Throwback" in Charlotte

I've read about Pepsi doing a throwback version of both Pepsi and Mountain Dew. I've been searching, but have yet to find it. I live in the Highland Creek area and have checked Wal-mart, Harris-Teeter, and Lowe's. I haven't run into a Pepsi delivery person to ask so I'm hoping others have found it.

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  1. Pretty sure you can order it online.

    1. I think I saw it at Target...I know i saw Mt. Dew there.

      1. Mt Dew throwback was at Food Lion on Johnston Rd last week....

        1. Both Harris Teeters I frequent carry it.

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            Do you think it would be useful to the OP to reveal the location of those HT's?

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              It's HT. They are everywhere in CLT. I assume that if it's in one, it's in them all or can atleast be requested. What are you the Charlotte post police?

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                I think the implication was that if it was available at both of the HT's that LL goes to, it's likely to be available at many.

            2. I saw it in Lowe's, Tega Cay, SC. Go to any Harris Teeter and ask a manager to order it for you.

              1. Target on South Blvd and at Midtown
                Harris Teeter at Quail Corners (and I'm pretty sure a couple others)

                I haven't been looking for it, I just noticed it at those places recently.

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                  Thanks, everyone. I will inquire with the manager at H-T. I was at the Super-Target at Afton Ridge (off ex. 55 & I-85) and they didn't have it either. I guess I'm snake bit when it comes to Coke and Pepsi made with cane sugar. I posted a query regarding Mexican coca-cola last July. Many of you had sources, but, once again, no luck in north Charlotte. I'm beginning to think anything interesting in Charlotte is only on the south side of town. I will continue my intrepid quest.

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                    Found it at H-T! It was not merchandised in the soda isle. It was in individual 20-oz. bottles in a case near the front of the store (only $0.99) and cans were in another location in the store. Thanks again for your help!

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                        Good point; if anyone else is looking for it at Quail Corners HT, I think the individual bottles are in the freezer section (?)