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Feb 9, 2010 09:48 AM

Sunday Roast DInner (Not Lunch) Near the Tower of London

Does anyone have any suggestions for a Sunday roast dinner near the Tower of London? We have tickets for the Ceremony of the Keys, and one has to be there by 9:30. I was hoping to find a place that was within walking distance of the Tower (or if not walking distance, within a fast Tube ride). I've come across a number of places with a Sunday lunch, but not Sunday dinner. I was hoping for something with a set meal in the range of £17 or so, including Yorkshire pudding and the traditional trimmings. Also, I was hoping for a place with traditional desserts - sticky toffee pudding, bread and butter pudding, that sort of thing. I noticed that the Princess of Shoreditch had a £15.50 all day Sunday roast, but it seems to have somewhat mixed reviews. There is Albion, but I don't know if it serves its roast in the evening, and furthermore, it doesn't take reservations - given the fact that we need to get to the Tower of London by 9:30, I would prefer a place that takes reservations. Any suggestions? By way of background, we're visiting London for a week, and we come from Chicago. Thanks in advance for your help.

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  1. The Gun is a pretty good gastropub that is open Sunday evening and not too far from the Tower of London - you can also book online.

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      1. re: pj26

        The Gun is a pretty good (gastro)pub but an utter sod to get to/from by public transport.

        The area around The Tower is a bit of a restaurant wasteland I'm afraid, particularly on a Sunday night. You might try Ramsay's The Narrow but you'll need to check their menu. Easy ride from there to Tower Hill but only if the DLR is not taking one of it's frequent weekend holidays.

        The Weatherspoon's pub chain (there's a couple in the area) do a version of trad Sunday lunch/dinner, but again need to check menus/opening hours/reviews.

        If any others come to mind I'll post here.

        1. re: Gav

          Please, please, please whatever you do, don't go to a Wetherspoons! These are possibly the worse kinds of pubs, both for eating and drinking. Food is shipped in and microwaved so avoid at all costs!
          As the poster above said, the Gun is tricky to get to but a short cab ride from Tower Hill.

          1. re: pj26

            Can I please apologise for suggesting a Weatherspoons. They really are pretty grim but I was struggling to think of any pub/restaurant/anything that might be open in the area.

            Long shot, might be worth checking here

            The website is not clear about the restaurant times. Can't vouch for the food but the beer's pretty good.

      2. The area just around the Tower is a bit bleak (apart from Bodeans if you want bbq), but if you cross the bridge and head left there's the Butler's Wharf stretch of restaurants, all of which are fairly good (and all owned by the same company, I believe) - it's a less than 10 minute walk from the tower. Butler's Wharf Chop House would cover what you're after - very traditional British menu, roasts and all the trimmings. It's a bit generic, but fairly reliable (I live nearby and the lunch deals are pretty good).

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          By the way, if you are a Tower Hamlets resident you can get into the Tower for £1. It's a bargain and well worth it for a £1. Just take a letter or something with your address on it. When I went I took 4 friends who weren't TH residents but the ticket guy let them all in for a quid as well. Bonus. The tours are very interesting.

          As for food, it's pretty dead round there. You might want to try St Katherine's Dock, but I'm not sure there is somewhere that does roasts round there.

          1. re: Fidelli

            B.W. Chop House sprang to my mind also. However I don't think they are open on Sunday evenings. Our visitor may have to settle for something further afield and pay the silly Sunday taxi rates.

            1. re: Robin Joy

              I also vote for B.W. Chop House. I remember eating there on a Sunday evening.

              1. re: gourmandisa

                Website says: Dinner Mon - Sat 6pm to 11pm. Although they are open on the 14th Feb for dinner.

                1. re: PhilD

                  Too bad about B.W. Chop House. I checked too, and their website definitely shows that they are not open Sun. nights. I will be there at the end of March, so Feb. 14 won't help. And I hate wasting money on taxis, especially since I will have a 7 day Tube ticket. Since nothing appears to be within walking distance, are there any suggestions for something within a short Tube ride away?

                  1. re: RCF

                    If you are willing to travel then there are some good options for trad Sunday dining. Rules, The Goring Hotel and Simpsons come to mind but the trouble is they will blow your budget by some way.

                    1. re: Gav

                      if you're going to travel you could do always take the circle line from tower hill up to barbican and go to the fox and anchor.


                      1. re: alexdz

                        Well, apart from the fact that it's not open on Sunday evenings another good reason not to visit the Fox & Anchor is that it's a piss-poor pub. What used to be a decent Smithfield boozer has been given the Olde Worlde treatment by the Malmaison hotel group, whose City joint is next door. Pewter tankards? Food is grim too. Presumably opened so that tourists at the hotel can ask for a recommendation of a real London pub and can be directed here with no fear of having to interact with any pesky locals.

                        A review is here: