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Feb 9, 2010 09:46 AM

ISO bland, unseasoned food in Willow Grove, Plymouth Meeting, Ambler, King of Prussia

A friend and I would like to meet for dinner to catch up. She is normally an adventurous eater, so we don't usually have this problem. She's suffering from morning sickness that is triggered by eating any spice other than salt, onions, or garlic. She is living on breakfast foods, rice, veggies, fruit, and plain, lean protein.

My initial thought was going to a diner. We could get breakfast 24x7. The problem is we don't really know these areas that well; they are a convenient meeting place. Can somone recommend a good diner that serves breakfast all day in one of the above mentioned areas? Any other suggestions for bland food that won't have her stomach churning?

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  1. why not sushi or is she convinced that sushi is bad for pregnant women? pregnant friends/moms i know come down on both sides of the issue....

    1. You could go to Cracker Barrel at the Metroplex on Chemical Road in Plymouth Meeting, they serve breakfast. There's also 401 Diner in Conshohocken on Fayette Street.

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        Better to skip the 401 Ddiner if your friend is feeling nauseous. I've gone a couple of times the last year and it was really bad each time. The last visit the eggs had a weird flavor and were inedible. Unfortunately people keep picking this place for breakfast meetings because of the location but for me never again. Cracker Barrel is a good bet.

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          The 401 definitely hit or miss with the service, but they are pretty solid when it comes to omelets (try spinach, feta and sausage) and their breakfast potatoes are awesome. They make an Eggs Frederick (served over bacon potato pancakes vs. an English muffin) that's lights out and I don't think anything is 'inedible'.

          Cracker Barrel is pretty safe as well, good variety, easy on the wallet and generally comforting. But this place gets crazy on a weekend morning...

      2. How about the Whold Foods Market in Plymouth meeting? They have just about anything and everything to eat and drink. Muffins, bagels, salad bar, breakfast bar on weekends (plain scrambled eggs), fruit bar.
        And all of the food ingredients are either listed or available.
        And for you- lots of good stuff! They have tables, chairs in the cafe area.

        1. Hmmm... this might be the only time I rec the Fireside Grill in Ambler. I think their food is pretty bland and always amazed at the crowds that go there. BUT they do have a well-rounded and comfort-food oriented menu, especially if pasta will work.

          1. If you're looking for diners try the Blue Bell Diner on 73 in Blue Bell, or Pumpkernicks on 309 in Montgomeryville. Pumpernicks' menu is online, and is huge.


            actually the variety there might be ideal for your situation. they have very tasty soups, breakfast of all types, etc.

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              Pumpernicks is the best! There is always something for everyone, and everything is delicious. However, this isn't exactly where you asked to meet.

              So I would suggest Corner Bakery in Willow Grove (you can get breakfast there all day, and they also have lots of good bagels/carb food which is good for women with morning sickness -- at least it was for me! ;) Panera Bread is also in Willow Grove, as well as Cosi and Jason's Deli (all within a few minutes of each other)

              There is a Cheesecake Factory in Willow Grove mall, and I;m sure you could both find something there as that menu is huge, but that may be too heavy for you.

              In Plymouth Meeting, as someone else mentioned, the new Whole Foods is great and they do have a large seating area (and a restaurant!) to eat at. There is also California Pizza Kitchen (everyone can eat pizza, right?) and a Qdoba across from the mall, where you can get grilled chicken or beef and rice (pretty bland)

              Lots of choices! I hope this helps!

              (ps. When I was pregnant, I never turned down a trip to Pumpernicks, so that would be my 1st choice!)