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Feb 9, 2010 09:40 AM

$89.99 All-Clad 12" stainless fry pan with lid??

Do a quick Google search of the subject line of this post and you'll see this deal available everywhere. It certainly appears too good to be true, and furthermore, there appears to be no discussion anywhere about it on forums like this as I've seen with other cookware such as Le Creuset deals, etc. The only discussions available appear to be reviews on Amazon and such by the inexperienced, i.e., "the bottom of my skillet dulled and discolored after I cooked on it" or, "this pan sucks, eggs stick to it.."

Surely a few of us around here have taken the bait on this?

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  1. The reviews I read said it was a made in China and not as good quality as their regular pans.

    1. There's been some discussion of this on these boards since this "try me" price has been around for at least a year. It's a great deal -- the pan is part of AC's stainless steel line. The pan is NOT made in China, though I think ALL AC lids are manufactured in China. Pricey brands that don't typically go on sale do this all the time -- Le Creuset has a 2.75 french oven on promotion that's almost half the price of its 2 quart oven, for instance. It's just a special deal on a particular piece to encourage new users to try the brand and existing fans to pick up a piece they maybe wouldn't have otherwise.

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        Yes. As herring posted the link. there is at least one previous discussion. As I said there, I bought mine last summer and still have the original box, which says "made in the US". As this is my first AC skillet (although I have stockpot and saucepans form AC.), I cannot make any comparison in terms of performace, weight etc with other AC skillets or saute pans, but so far I am a bit happier with it than the previously owned Calphalon SS, which is made in China by the way. As D5 has been introduced in WS, we soon might see more deals and discounts going on with the AC SS tri-ply, I guess. As a matter of fact, this pan was sold for $79.99 at Bloomingdales last month on 1/30 at One Day Only Home Sale.

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          Yes! I am very excited about the D5! Only because it may send all the old tri-ply on clearance! And in the end, I bet the tri-ply will still perform better anyway...

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            How do you know Tri-Ply performs better than D5? Beside the material performance, 3 ply or 5 ply, the improved hand (for heavier pots/pans) and rolled rim (Especially for a small saucier) is kind of important to me personally. But, it is always cost/budget vs performance. In this sense, to me some of the tri-plys SS are still good buys if they are on sale. However, MC2 and LTD are not so to me as it is not induction ready even though they are widely on sale at every channel for quite a while. If you go to WS OUTLET, there are full shelf on one large wall of LTD!!!

        2. You can always buy it for not much more than that at their outlet store if you're okay with buying second quality (which in my experience is virtually the same as their firsts, and covers the same lifetime warranty).

          Also, if you buy your pans during October, you get an additional 20% off the already deeply discounted prices. That brings the 12" skillet price down to $76 (no lid, though


          Mr Taster

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            I'd like to point out that I just got a flyer from the All-Clad outlet store that their 20% off sale is going on now through March 28. That's 20% off the already discounted irregulars. That's how I got my 2 and 4 quart saucepans.... couldn't even tell they were irregulars.


            Mr Taster

          2. A decent deal...but if you look around at your local TJMaxx, homegoods, marshalls, ross, et al... you will find better all-clads (LTD, ltd2, or mc2). Keep checking back every week or every other week.

            Just recently I picked up a 12" All-Clad LTD2 fry pan for $80. There were some superficial exterior scratches, but nothing that wouldn't be there after normal use on a new pan anyways.

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              Yeah, I got all my Le Creuset's from Tuesday Morning, but I've got the induction so i can't use the MC and Limited....

              1. re: Cary

                I was just in Marshalls today saw the AC 12"frying pan on clearance for I looked around some more, I came across another identical AC 12" frying pan on clearance for 58.00....the manager let me have both for 58.00. Super excited! They aren't irregulars either. Going to give these to my brother for part of house warming gift. I love finding deals like this!