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Feb 9, 2010 09:21 AM

GOOD Onion Rings in Calgary?

Thanks to a picture of Onion Rings that popped up in my Facebook feed, I started thinking - where can you go in the YYC for some good onion rings?

Now, to set the record straight, I'm not really referring to your standard battered rings, I'm looking for something more along the lines of A&W's rings - breaded, not battered. This, imo, makes them much tastier & far less greasy. Although I'm not against trying some run of the mill rings if they're to die for.

The best onion rings on the planet are served at Dick's Dairy Dip in Ottawa. If you're ever in the Ottawa area, I highly recommend grabbing a burger & some rings there.

Denny's serves the only decent rings I've tried in Calgary so far. Fatburger's rings are gross, and most pubs serve the standard battered fare. I am aware of the monster, pancake-battered rings at Tubby Dog, but that place scares me.

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  1. Why would Tubby Dog possibly scare you?

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    1. re: John Manzo

      It's not an actual fear. It's part "this food looks like it could kill me instantly" and part "I think I might like this food so much that I will want to eat every meal there...thus increasing my chances of impending death"


      I have very addictive eating habits, so I'm best off avoiding places like Tubby Dog. ;)

      1. re: electroleum

        Ah, so you need us to send you somewhere with such horrible onion rings that you switch to salad? I used to love A&W but they scimp on the deadly looking seasoning salt.

    2. I think this is the very first time I have ever heard anyone say something, without reservation, about how good anything at Denny's is.

      Here's a link that might save your life if you are a Denny's regular.

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      1. re: Scary Bill

        hehehehe, don't get me wrong - I'm not raving about them. Perhaps a better way of saying it would have been "the onion rings at Denny's are surprisingly good". And they actually are.

        1. re: electroleum

          electro, for that reply I guesss I owe you a rec, but it is for battered, not breaded, and that is Peter's Drive-in. The rings are made from real onion rings, battered and deep fried, just like the ones The Fonz ate at Arnolds.

          OK, just had a recollection-Burger King makes breaded rings, but they are from chopped and formed onion. Not at the top of my list.

          1. re: Scary Bill

            Yeah. Burger King Onion Rings are gross. And if I ever find myself at Peter's, which is highly unlikely, I'll give the rings a try sometime.

            1. re: electroleum

              Peter's rings are pretty good. Definatly battered though.

              1. re: The Gut

                On a whim, I was driving down 16th and decided to hit up Peter's for some rings and a shake, as I was a little bit peckish. Enjoyed the battered rings, and they were far less greasy than I would have expected from Peters.

                On a side note, the maple milkshake = deelish!

      2. sleepycat went on a similar quest awhile back although I don't recall a breaded vs battered preference...

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        1. re: maplesugar

          The breaded rings are less common, but I prefer them. I'll admit that a well executed battered onion ring is also a tasty treat, but there's so many places that somehow make them taste horribly bad.

        2. I seem to recall good onion rings at Lounge Burger. Was there for a team lunch prior to Christmas. I think they were breaded with a bit of honey to them, which sweetened up a bit.

          Maybe someone else who went there can confirm...

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          1. re: ybnormal

            Lounge Burgers onion rings were fantastic when they first opened, but the last time I was there, it seemed as though they had gone a premade route. The onion rings were straight out of package and had a bit of honey drizzled on them. Not the house made version that had the honey twist to them that I remember. :(

            1. re: Richmond Green

              hmmm i was there in Jan, and the rings were pretty darn good, still sweet and hot!

          2. I noticed while I was at Montana's. They have breaded onion rings. I didn't eat any and apearently 3 is all the beef ribs I can eat there. They are huge!!